Monday, March 9, 2015



I don't usually post about makeup, but I thought heeeey why not. They're just dumb phone selfies, and nothing drastic
style-wise, but here are some different colours/ looks I've been playing with sometimes. This photo above is actually
my first time ever trying pink lipstick, if you can believe it. I've always been a classic red lip girl, and fell in
love with orange and coral lip shades a few seasons ago, but pink has never appealed to me. Not even as a kid. Daiso
had this creamy lip pencil for a buck though, so I couldn't lose!


Orange blushy eyes and matching lips! I've heard this called 'doll eyed' makeup, and I've heard this called the 'sickly face'
trend....not sure of the official name. You see girls all over Harajuku with red eyeliner or blush lining or under their eyes.
I like how each girl kind o has her own way of doing it, and you see the trend done many different ways ranging from super
subtle to really extreme. I decided to try it out with orange instead of red and I kinda like it. I've decided I prefer how
it looks on me applied between the tops of my cheek and my under eye, but not on my actual underlid.


I did gold shimmer cheeks and under eye for the Pikachu cafe. It was tough to photograph and a little hard to see, but I really liked how it looked in the real world.


Metallic silver under eyes in both of these. Really digging shimmery metallicky shadows and blushes lately.


  1. I love all of the looks but the second one is my fav. ill need you to do my makeup someday.

  2. Your eyes in that second one are so incredibly fae. And I'm really digging that hand barette.

  3. i love all the look! but gotta say the first is my fave. i love the pink lips on you. and you work on high cheek blush so well! i'm always clueless how to do such even with tutorial. i think coral and orange is a safe choice for it


  4. I love all of them! I think you rock pink lipstick and the orange eyeshadow underneath the eyes thing looks really cool too. I love seeing makeup trends from Asia so any of them you want to share I'm on board with!

    Jamie |

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