Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Atlantic City

Ryan had his birthday the last weekend of March, and he's always wanted to check out atlantic city
for the 'life tile' experience, so we took a bus over and spent a very cold, gloomy, rainy day exploring
the boardwalk, grabbing treats,and winning money from slot machines in our hotel to pay for our rides home
the nest morning. Ok that was just Ryan. Ryan won our tickets home....so....happy birthday to him.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Last Bookstore with Kristine

While in California I got to spend some time with some of our dearest friends Matt and Kristine. Living the whole
country away from these people is really rough. I spent most of my time in Irvine, and about a night and a day in LA,
and we squeezed so many fun little adventures perfectly tailored to the kinds of things we like to do together, like visit
The Last Bookstore with its weird magical book labyrinth, and Whimsic Alley which has some really cool harry potter
themed decorations. We also saw an adorable japanese art exhibit and dined on gourmet cookies.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

california escape

I'm really behind on posting things going on in my life- things seem to be coming in spurts
of crazy-busy and then absolutely nothing over and over, and I've been sick the past couple of
days so the last thing on my mind was sifting through photos- A few weeks ago I was able to visit
my dear old college friend in Irvine, and spend some fun times a the beach, disneyland, and
elsewhere. The weather and the scenery were so incredibly welcome after this endless winter from hell
we're having 'back east'. I can never get over ALL the LIFE in california all the TIME. It's enough to
want to give up seasons forever. Flowers all year long? yeahok. Anyways, I had so much fun, it was so
hard to come back, I love my friends in california, and I can't wait to develop my film soon.