Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inokashira Park Pt 1



Inokashira Park is in Kichijoji which is in West Tokyo, about a 30 minute train ride for us. I had visited once before in the Autumn,
and had been wanting to take Ryan back and show him all the nook and crannies I found. It was a pretty chilly day, so don't be fooled,
I was wearing a coat most of the time, and after the sun set we were ready to take our activities indoors. The park has lots to see- a
lake with boats, a zoo, museums, a shrine, and even an area that almost feels like a cluster of woods. It's a really nice escape from the
center of Tokyo and I loved being around the tall trees bathed in splashes of late winter light.

It's so peaceful here and makes you feel so small. And the light has been so so dreamy both times I've visited. I especially wanted to
take some photos in the woods because I wore my tree pin today, and if you know anything about me, you'll know I match the crap out of
everything. ever. Like it's my job. I am also just soooo much more comfortable taking photos in places that are less crowded and more
secluded, which, in Tokyo is basically nowhere. This area of this particular park is one of the least crowded places I've found so far.




This outfit is kind of funny, because I've almost gotten rid of both this top and this skirt several times, but something always held me back even though I
never wore them. Then one day it clicked how well they would go together, and this has become one of my favorite ensembles to throw on now. I found the
jumper at a thrift store for cheapies like 3 years ago now, and fell in love with the texture and the side pockets. I originally had plans to sew or embroider
either claws or eyes onto each pocket, but I'm kind of glad I never got around to it and left it alone. I'm really appreciating the importance of having
sturdy versatile basics more than ever this year, and the fit and fabric of this top make it unique enough on its own I think.

The skirt came as a set with a matching top but something about the fit of the top made the skirt flare weirdly in an unflattering way, so I always wore the
top separately, and this skirt is way shorter than something I would wear on its own, so it just sat around. I have a rule though, that if I am wearing jeggings
or leggings or whatever bottoms, thick enough to wear on their own as pants, then anything over the top is just flare for fun. And so, new life was breathed into
two basic pieces that will be able to mix and match around swimmingly for the remaining cold months. The tree pin is from a little shop on the end of Santa Monica
Pier, which is technically the very last stop and end of Route 66. I bought it while we were living in California last,last summer, and I love the memories it evokes
when I pick it up- of sunshine, salty air, dense forests, incredible sea cliffs, fun road trips and hiking adventures, seeing old friends, and more.





Stay tuned for part two, in which I show you other parts of the park, with a heavy dose of Zelda. I thought it best to split up the posts-
there were just way too many photos and too many explanations.

from Japan,


  1. Such gorgeous pictures, you look so cute <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. This is an adorable outfit and perfect for a day of winter exploring. I too have stopped myself from discarding a couple of basics that I am glad I held onto now. I'd love to see how you've organized your Tokyo closet at some point. Living in a small apartment gives me a weird voyeuristic desire when it comes to how other people might store their clothing.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  3. So cute. I love that your tree pin matches the scenery. This looks like a gorgeous place to visit too!

    Jamie |

  4. This is such a lovely place to sneak out from city life, sadly it's too far from where I live! You look so pretty in all the pictures!

    xx Aditi