Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inokarshira Park pt 2 or : That Time I entered a Zelda Game



I found Mushu! Or actually maybe he looks more like the Great Stone Dragon Mushu was supposed to summon
at the beginning of the movie... This shrine and its grounds are really fun because, usually it feels like you
either get a Shinto vibe- very subtle, simple, and natural- mostly wood, stone, and plants, OR you get Buddhist-
basically the opposite. Bright colors, ornate designs and statues, intricate carvings and shapes, and often metals
like silver and gold as well.

This Shrine seems to blend them seamlessly together somehow. There are plenty of
telltale Shinto aspects, like the purification fountains, the symbols on the lanterns, and the wooden prayer plaques.
But there are also plenty of details that boast some Buddhist flare, like this large, ornate dragon spouting the
purified water, and all the bright, bold colors flanking the shrine. It was such a lovely little corner of the park-
island, actually- to explore on a late golden afternoon.




Ok soooo let's talk about this fountain. And how it looks exactly like a Fairy Fountain from Zelda. Ever since my first visit to Japan I find myself regularly getting excited over scenes and things and details that feel like they've jumped straight out of my childhood fantasy lands of Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, and Miyazaki movies. I've been meaning to start a Japan is a Videogame tumblr for a while now, with side by side comparisons of real life scenes compared to game and animated look-alikes, but that takes more time and effort than I feel like exerting these days.

But anyways, this fountain. Apparently it dates all the way back to the 1500s? Which is crazy. It looks like it came straight out of zelda and like there should be little magical orbs floating around above the water for the catching. Also, that cute little wooden sign written in kanji in front of the fountain also looks just like the little sign posts in zelda that describe or announce different things in the game and quickly become sword practise - (SLASH). Life: complete.








Okay also we need to talk about this triforce lantern. I keep seeing this symbol around Shinto shrines and grounds and it makes me so happy. If you're a Zelda fan, you'll know why and if you're not then there's just no reason for you to care, but there you go. I think this symbol is maybe a family crest type thing or religious symbol. not quite sure. But the fact that is looks exactly like the triforce from Zelda is so fun and I love seeing it in real life. Especially because there are always temples in Zelda games too.

From Japan,


  1. I support this Tumbler idea. I think is brilliant.

  2. These pictures are beautiful and so evocative of my own time in Japan. I love Mushu and the triforce, obviously.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy