Tuesday, December 23, 2014




A bit ago Ryan and I visited a magical Christmas market in Yokohama. It was held in the square of a complex
of european style industrial brick buildings, and decorated as a traditional German style holiday market. The
atmosphere was perfect. They had tall live trees all lit up lining the entrance path, with festive lights strung
up above the whole space. The giant christmas tree in the middle was a beautiful sight to walk up to as the sun set
and since it was a real one too, the air was filled with the wonderful scent of fresh pine.

The booths selling traditional German/ Christmas foods and drinks were fun to explore, and were made in a sort of
Bavarian/ chalet style, and topped with pine garlands, lights, and statues depicting the navtivity and st. nicholas.
It was so so so crowded, and difficult to even walk a few steps forward anywhere, but for a good reason. The Christmas
cheer was totally worth it and very charming.





The original plan was to ice skate together at the nearby rink in the square after having explored the market,
but after walking around a while and trying some different foods, we realized that the rink was just as crowded
as the market- like shoulder to shoulder people packed into the entire area and no one could really skate but just
shuffle forward in a big circle. Didn't seem that fun or worth the money after all. That's the thing about Tokyo,
you can always expect a crazy crowd, no matter where you're going. You'll never have things to yourself.

I'm still glad we got to check out the market though. Just walking around with a hot drink in the glow of the
lights was so magical, and the perfect activity to do together before heading out of the country and home for




  1. Amazing pictures and happy holidays <3
    x Angela // the-style-doll.blogspot.com

  2. This Christmas market looks so pretty! It sounds like it was a fun outing even though it was super crowded. You look adorable bundled in your plaid scarf too. Hope you had an amazing holiday!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. Goshhhh you're so beautiful.