Thursday, December 18, 2014




Idabashii is our neighborhood/area and home station. It's in central Tokyo, which is great for visiting other areas
because it's about a 30 minute trip in either direction (depending, of course, because Tokyo sprawls so far and wide
that you can still spend 70 minutes on a train for a visit to a neighborhood on the outskirts). The JR station here is
my favourite- there are whales painted all over the sides of the station in different colours and sizes, and the train runs
along the canal, so it's a wonderfully scenic ride. The JR lines are my favourite because they're always above ground
and the stations are always nice.

These are from a little bit ago on a day when it was warm enough to not wear a coat in the sunshine, but chilly enough to
need one in the shade. Ryan's bike was stolen a few weeks ago ( :(! ) and it's about a 10 minute walk to this station for us,
so that's been kind of a drag. Kind of fun though too because now when we go to the station together Ryan rides and steers my
bike and I hop on the back and ride along. Today was sunny and nice though, so we just had a good walk and took a JR train
out for the day to explore some new areas.




I can't get enough of long sleeved dresses in this weather, especially woolly ones. I love the vertical stripes
on this dress and the oversized pockets. It was one of those gems I found at the end of a very long day of shopping
and wandering. I had been through so many malls and stores and picked through so many items and passed everthing up
feeling kind of bored and ready to leave empty handed, when, on the last floor at the end of the day, I saw this dress
and it was exactly what I was looking for. Comfortable, shapeless, long sleeves, classy, and subtly interesting. bam.




  1. love this look. simply yet look stylish

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. I'm so jealous of that back-pack! I had one almost identical that I wore through it and had to let it go... :( Been looking for one similar to it ever since. You look great!

  3. Awww. a bummer about your hubbies bike! But cute you guys at least attempt to ride together on one. I love this look my dear. Very effortlessly chic.

  4. I think I need more long sleeved dresses in my life because this one looks fantastic on you! I really really love how you did your hair with the red bow pulling some of it back too. My hair is at a really similar length right now so I may need to style mine like this!

    Jamie |

  5. These dresses look so fantastic on you! And yes to the sleeves; more dresses need sleeves! I love the red bow in your hair, too! I'm sorry Ryan's bike was stolen; how horrbile!

  6. This dress is a great find! I'm glad you didn't leave empty-handed that day ( I hate that!). I like the pairing with light brown accessories and the red bow in your hair!

  7. I love this look!!! :)

  8. the dress would look nice with one of your pocket friends :)