Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 5th



I guess this goes without saying, but these photos are not 'up-to-date'. It's been that way for a while now, and May was one of the busiest months of my life in lots of weird expected and unexpected ways, so I've got a whole ever-growing stack of month-old photos and posts nagging me whenever I sit down to breathe. We have made our official move out of New York, and are now in Utah for the summer while Ryan studies for the Bar exam. However, I've still got plenty of New York photos to share, and some snaps from our trip we took in Mid-May as well. So I guess this is just a sort of disclaimer that for at least the next week or two, my posts and photos will be a few weeks old and in totally different places than I am now.

I decided a while back it wasn't worth it to me to force myself to post everyday or even several times a week, completely congruent and up to date with my current state and schedule. I don't know how some bloggers pull it off, but it was too much pressure for me- So I'm much more chill now about what I post and when, and if I don't feel like it, I just don't......This might mean bigger, longer gaps between posts and feeling a little pressure to catch up when things pile up, but it's what I feel like doing for the time being, so there you go.



These photos were taking on on the High Line, an old cargo track converted into a park in Chelsea. We met up with friends for some tacos at the chelsea markets and then strolled the high line for a bit- it's got great views of the city streets since it's raised up a few stories on the tracks, and they've kept a lot of the old industrial feel in the redesign. My favorite part is the tunnel with these coloured glass windows. So beautiful and peaceful.

Everything I am wearing is vintage from thrift stores except for the adorable soft serve ice cream pin from Sugar Cookie, which I'm excited to wear more in the summertime, and the white floral tights, which I think I got from urban outfitters years back.

ice cream pin: SugarCookieEtsy


  1. I love this, your outfit with those windows!!!

  2. Yeah girl take your time and post whatever whenever! I love this outfit, super classic and simple.


  3. I absolutely love the high line. Will definitely visit this summer when I'm in NYC to see my sisters. Lovely pictures...and I can totally sympathize with you on the busyness of life. I can't remember the last time I did an outfit post....let alone how I used to do them regularly....sigh.

  4. I feel you ! I used to post almost every day on blog two years ago, but now I barely can make it few times a week!! I don't know how bloggers do it, but wow, respect. Don't worry if the photos are old or what, they are awesome and it's good to write, just write <33

  5. I agree. It's one thing to post daily if blogging is your only job, and if life takes you in that direction it's great - but it's really hard to pull that off for most of us who are leading busy lives with day jobs, families, etc. I enjoy your posts so much, and whenever you do pop up in my feed, I'm so happy to see you! Blogging shouldn't be a high pressure thing - that's how I feel, anyway.

  6. I love Missy and her SugarCookie creations! The ice cream cone is adorable.