Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sakura petals in central park



Here are some photos we snapped right after a family session on an early morning in Central Park. As we were leaving we walked by this sakura tree with all its petals littering the ground and I couldn't resist getting a few photos of the lovely scene. I love it when the cherry trees have huge, thick, twisting trunks. The best kind. So far I don't really miss a ton about New York yet- it's so refreshing to be able to drive around again, and have wide open spaces all around, and to be able to hike or camp or explore within 5 minutes of my parents house. One thing I am definitely starting to miss though is Central Park, and all its nooks and crannies and mixes of great old architecture among monuments of nature. Central Park in the spring is the best thing ever, and I'll probably miss it every time the season rolls around.

Now it's time to enjoy the novelty of backyards- a place actually all to yourself- cookouts, fairy lights, wares from the garden, hammock naps, shaved ice runs, dog walks, family time, and everything else that comes with summer in Salt Laker City.



I've still got some old photos from new york, and film waiting to be scanned from our cruise trip, so hang tight.


  1. some of my favorite NYC memories are in central park. these pics are beautiful.

  2. wow! absolutely stunning photos! ✫✫✫

    Linnae from LinnaeDesign

  3. uber in love with this look
    suit you best

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    Miss Aa

  4. Its funny because I never found Central Park especially beautiful until I spent more time in the city. I love these photos among the cherry blossoms though, I'll be visiting NYC in a week, but I imagine the flowers will have all gone by now.

  5. Excited to see your cruise trip photos and the new pictures you take in the new area! I love our backyard with a garden, I love how quiet the streets are, how everything is super close to our house, how it's all nature around... but I do miss the city life, people, all kinds of people, buildings... There are pluses and minuses in both kinds of life I guess.

  6. i went to salt lake city once for a friend's wedding years ago and it was beautiful there. my husband and i keep meaning to go back - we want to take in zion national park so much. one of these days hopefully. and we used to live in new york and i have missed it so much but little by little i am losing my affinity for it. i wonder if it's the suburban-ness that i'm getting used to now. :)

  7. I was supposed to be in NYC last week :/ I could've seen this! Beautiful photos as usual :)