Monday, May 26, 2014

day at the MET




We're hard at work packing up the apartment this week, but we're also trying to squeeze in visits to places we'll miss as well. The museums here in New York are pretty numerous and impressive, and both Ryan and I have really enjoyed being able to explore some of them these past three years. We both love visiting the MET for its sheer expansiveness in selection, history, and style, and especially for its suggested donation policy which makes it possible for us to visit frequently.

Before we left for our trip last two weeks ago, we made a visit to my favourite parts of the museum- the room replicas- so I could shoot some photos of our cute little friend Pippa (one of the girls I photographed in my series of the three young girls playing dressup in the cherry blossoms) in one of the more accessible European 18th century style rooms. Afterwards Ryan and I did some of our own exploring and photographing in the French section, and I bid goodbye for the next little while to this lovely part of the museum. Not sure when we'll be back in New York again, but I'll miss the atmosphere in this wing of the MET.




We then made our way over to the Asian Art wing, the home of another replica I love, the Chinese Scholar's Garden.



I love all the natural light streaming through the room and the way it plays off of the deep wood and intricate carvings, creating such lovely shadows. It's such a peaceful spot, and shows such beautiful simplicity. There are also a lot of live, deep green plants, and a small waterfall and pond with koi fish swimming around.

Just past the scholar garden there was a calligraphy exhibit, which was really interesting to view- there were hundreds of ancient to modern scrolls with beautifully handwritten/handpainted characters in all kinds of different styles. Since Ryan can read Japanese and Chinese he had a lot of fun in there discerning the different styles and eras.



(All items worn are vintage and thrifted)


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always -- you manage to evoke such fabulous moods. I've never been to the MET, but the Chinese Scholar's Garden sounds like a place I could definitely spend some time.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  2. It looks like a really interesting place. Another set of lovely photos too! and I just really like your shoes!

  3. Such neat, moody pictures- love it! Alex

  4. I'm going to miss seeing your pictures in NYC but I can't wait to see all your pics in JAPAN!!! I wish we could have made it out to visit you guys while you lived there. Being poor college students has its pros and cons lol.

  5. I miss the Met so much. Cannot wait to go back and visit soon.

  6. I love how the colors of your outfit look so amazing with the background! Such beautiful photography :)