Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Slowest of Pokes



Guys- I am the worst at getting around to things, remembering to do things, and meeting deadlines. This dress? I got it in August as my chictopia style icon prize and I haven't gotten around to wearing and posting it until now. While part of that admittedly had to do with bouncing around three different states in the past three months and not always having access to my full closet, it's still embarrassingly late and true to my slowpoke form.



The fabric isn't quite what I was expecting- I thought it was going to be a contrasting wool tartan- which is how it looked in the product photo- it's actually a kind of gaudy 90's looking synthetic something, but from far away, it still looks like a tamer plaid. I guess I can't complain if it ends up photographing alright- despite the bait and switch. We just had a big rainstorm yesterday, so a bunch of leaves up and died and fell all over the ground straight away without even changing colour. It was kind of fun to wake up to so many leaves on the ground, but also kind of sad to miss out on the colourful stage. Hopefully the survivors will put on a good show this year.






dress: April 2nd via Chictopia
blouse: vintage/thrifted
tights:? old....maybe Ross?
shoes: Softspots via

And a big thank you to Ryan, who regularly takes photos for me so I don't have to run around alone with our tripod in crowded city parks, and who puts up with my picky ideas of how the photos should look, even if I can't articulate it well enough. Thanks for all your help, sonny jim.


  1. It's a fabulous fall dress! Matches the leaves so well. I love the tights you paired with it~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Those shoes are darling. That's sad about the dress. I thought it was wool at first glance here. That first picture. Just wow.


  3. At least in the photos, the dress looks gorgeous! It reminds me of an Impressionist painting. Specifically, it makes me think of that scene in Ferris Bueller where Cameron is staring at the painting, haha.

  4. Lovely blog my dear :) Everything sooo pretty.:* Regards from Germany


  5. This dress is gorgeous! Too bad about the fabric, though!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. The dress looks great , but i admire your hair :D

  7. I am obsessed with those shoes!! & the dress DOES look wool in your photos, too bad it's not what you expected. I still think it looks good with the autumnal backdrop.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  8. Haha you look so sad in these photos because the dress isn't real! Ah the lure of getting things online, well at least it was free :T

  9. it's lovely though agree it would be even better if it was actual tweed!