Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A little somethin somethin for the 90's kid in some of us, and very much in the Halloween Spirit, courtesy of one important internet god, Neil Cicierega.
I'm kind of tempted to reread some of these stories for Halloween just 'cause. I actually started rewatching the show on netflix, and it's great fun. Remember the TV show? I used to sneak watch it when no one was home and scare myself silly. I still prefer Are You Afraid of the Dark, but Goosebumps certainly has its place rooted in the nostalgic annals of my heart.

Season's Greetings!


  1. I loved are you afraid of the dark. My favorite episode was the immortal wolf lady! She was tricking little girls into following her so she could eat their souls and stay youthful. It was creepy as a kid and hilarious as an adult.



  2. I prefer Are You Afraid of the Dark too, but Goosebumps is great! I started watching the episodes on Netflix too! So much wonderful nostalgia.