Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming Home from Morioka

What We Did:







On our last day we biked around the city a lot and popped into different businesses, parks, and places that looked interesting to us. Morioka has a river running through the middle with a beautiful and walkway lined with flowers and on a clear day, an amazing view of a snow-capped mountain in the distance. I really loved just biking around and taking in the beautiful city. Later, we went out into the suburbs to find Don Don Down, a second hand clothing store that we had visited the other time we came, but had since moved locations from the heart of the city. I'm really glad we made the trip, because I found this vintage yellow dress for $5 a jacket and shirt for around $4.

Just outside the train station, there is this big electronic clock in the wall of a tall building that opens up and plays music while robot people dance around. It tells the legend of a demon being sealed in a rock. I missed the clock playing last time, so we hurried up there for the top of the hour to catch it before we had to leave. Then it was time to head back on the bullet train, and with sad hearts we returned our trusty steeds to the bike rental outside the station and boarded. The view out the window was so so pretty- there was bright green, lush vegetation everywhere, countryside, mountains, forests, and rice paddies. The bullet train was going so fast that everything in pictures actually came out bent. s-c-i-e-n-c-e-.










What I Wore:



jacket: thrifted


sandals: ross


  1. Love the jacket and dress combo on you!

    And man, I miss the crazy school kids that would ride around my neighborhood. Have you seen them ride a bike, text, and hold an umbrella simultaneously yet? It's crazy.

  2. you're perfect <3

  3. You guys are the cutest! Looks like you are really getting to know your new habitat! Good for you! Love that mustard dress with the leather jacket!

  4. those bike pictures are so breathtaking! what am amazing trip!

  5. These photos are so beautiful! Love!

  6. these are gorgeous photos! Love your riding look...especially the vibrancy of your dress! =)


  7. I always love a good bike ride! And your yellow dress is the sweetest!

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  8. I love the vintage dress with the leather jacket. Nice contrast!

  9. I get so jealous when I scroll through all your last posts, it must be so amazing being able to live in japan for some time! I've never been to Asia, but I'm sure it's so exciting to explore Tokyo and the environment, experience the different culture... Thanks a lot for letting us take part in this journey through your blog :)

    Oh and your thrifted dress is so lovely, a very great vibrant sunny hade of yellow!

  10. You look stunning on that bike!