Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Morioka pt 4

What We Did:










Morioka is also home to the famous temple with 500 Buddahs. There are 500 handmade shiny golden buddahs lining the walls inside the temple. It's pretty cool. The temple is all wood and shoji, so there is a beautiful glow of natural light spilling in, but the sources are limited which creates serene, deep shadows throughout the room. It was so quiet and we had the whole place to ourselves. I don't know how we got so lucky. On our way out we found this cool stamp you could use to mark your passage through the area. They have them at train stations too and I've been collecting each one we find. I think this is my favourite so far though.









Our bike ride home was really pretty. We rode past so many rural train tracks and tons of temples and shrines. Biking around so much really worked up our appetites so we parked our bikes at our hotel and went out for- what else? donuts. (we had one tiny window in our hotel that had like a two foot long sill that stuck out like a tiny window seat. I couldn't resist the cubby/playhouse beckoning).

What We Ate:


MISTA DONUT! is an incredibly cute chain in Japan with donuts that are a lot less sugary bomby than american donuts, and way cuter...duh. From left to right we have a caramel iced, cream filled bear donut, a 'black honey' glazed donut ( it tasted a lot like dango sauce- probably honey and soy sauce or something), a mochi ring ( the donut dough is more soft and chewy like mochi), and a french cruller dipped in chocolate.


With love, from Japan,



  1. Oh gosh, these pictures are so great! It looks like you two had a wonderful time! Those donuts are adorable haha


  2. It took me all these posts to realise you're actually living in Japan instead of just on holidays, haha.
    That last photo of you with the bear donut is so cute, hope you have lots of fun over there :)

  3. Que hermoso el templo.
    Como me gustaría estar por allá.
    Hermosas fotografías.
    Un abrazo y disfruta muchísimo.

  4. That bear donut has my heart melting, and they all have my stomach growling!!!

  5. Love your leather jacket over the checks! The donuts look too cute to eat! Have fun and I love Japan! You've got to eat lotsa ramen!

    Ash :o)

  6. wow, this place and these photographs are absolutely stunning!!!!
    xo TJ