Saturday, June 9, 2012


What We Did:

video snippets of the festival













We went to the temple in Asakusa to see the mikoshi (small shrine) be carried to it's proper place for the festival. It was extremely crowded and difficult to see, but when the lit up white lanterns came floating above the crowd it was a pretty cool sight. People carry these on a wooden platform and parade them through the streets all day for good luck, and then there is a big procession at the temples/ shrines at the end of the day when they put them in their platform.

The grounds around the temple were glowing and buzzing with festival excitement- booths and booths of amazing food, interesting treats, fun little games, and of course, the catch and release goldfish tank. They give you a little rice paper paddle to try and scoop the fish up, with each try the paper gets more wet and fragile until it breaks, so it's pretty tricky. I had fun watching ryan try it, and i think I want to try next time around.

What We Ate:


YakiSoba! (noodles, cabbage, and different meats and vegetables, seasoned and grilled up, served hot with pickled ginger!)



TakoYaki! (octupus rolled in batter and cooked into a little dumping ball, topped with bonito flakes, mayonnaise, and okonomiyaki sauce!)






What I Wore:


top, shoes, and skirt: thrifted

cardigan: forever 21


  1. This post made me instantly reach for my copy of TimeOut London magazine and search through the pages in hopes of finding a Japanese food festival... It also made me really hungry :)

  2. Goodness all that food looks so delicious! Love your outfit!

  3. Que fantásticas fotografías.
    Todo se ve delicioso.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I'd love to try all those different foods. You look adorable too. It looks like you two are having a great adventure!