Sunday, October 2, 2011

some much appreciated scenery, some unappreciated temperatures


On Friday Ryan and I rented a car a set off in search of some swimming holes. We really wanted to go camping but couldn't afford a car for that long, so we had a nice day trip out of the city. The swimming holes proved pretty elusive and hard to access, but just the drive alone was pretty breathtaking and the scenery mid-forest had such stunning colours, shapes, and patterns. Unfortunately the internet didn't serve me as well as it usually does, and I was expected different weather and a different scene.
I threw on the only swimsuit I could find in our apartment and grabbed a light coverup and some boots 'just in case' which turned out to be the most appropriate attire for the day when all was said and done. It turns out the waterfall we wanted to get to had a very steep and dangerous hike down, and after passing our third cross marking/ commemorating some hiker's death in that vicinity we got a little freaked out and turned around. The hike itself, when it wasn't crazy steep and slippery, was so gorgeous, and we at least got a breathtaking view of the waterfall, even if it wasn't very close, and being enveloped by trees and totally secluded in such a quiet, lovely setting was amazing and being in the city.





My very favourite part of our hike was finding tons and tons of gorgeous vibrant green moss all over the place. I have been dying to decorate our apartment but couldn't any affordable moss to fill my glass and wood wares, and I was able to pick a few cushions to bring a bit of the love forest home.







We were just getting ready to call it a day after seeing some pretty scenery, taking some pretty pictures, harvesting some moss, and in Ryan's case getting eaten by mosquitos, when down the road I saw a gimpse of some water through the trees in the opposite direction form the trail we had taken. By this point Ryan had been so kind to offer taking outfit photos and had just had it with the bugs, so he was in the car, and I had to run back and beg him to follow me.






No matter how much I begged, Ryan would.not. get into pictures with me or let me take pictures of this is an awkward Kathryn spread and I apologize, but he did take some beautifully composed images that I am thankful for and appreciate his artistic contribution.
We got into our swimsuits and dipped out toes into the beautiful gushing water, but the outside temperature was chilly enough despite the weather report to deter us from really getting into the frigid river. the water was also moving very quickly and we had been getting a LOT of rain lately, so it probably also wasn't a very safe way to go.







  1. Your pictures are so lovely! Oh my goodness! They look like they are straight out of a movie!
    Xo Chloe.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful, you look stunning. Sounds like a fantastic day out xo

  3. I love those boots, and does that last dress have little doggies on it? You seriously have the cutest clothes ever!

  4. cute dress and love ur swimsuit!

  5. absolutely magical. I'm sorry it was a bit of a tricky hike, but it sounds like an adventure. And i daresay these stunning pictures were worth it :)

  6. Oh gosh, these photos are so lovely! You two must have had a wonderful day :)

  7. nice pics :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  8. wow, looks like an absolutely beautiful place, so great you could enjoy a little secluded area with your hubs too! Love the last one of you two together. So great you collected the moss!

  9. Oooooooh!!! I like your dress!!!!!!

  10. lovely scenery and so great you got to get your feet wet at least!

  11. THAT FOREST! AND THAT MOSS! It's like a storybook world

  12. This looks like such a fun outing! I love all the pretty pictures you took. Your outfit was really cute too. The boots and socks paired nicely with your adorable dress.