Tuesday, October 4, 2011

well here you go





beige tunic: modcloth
striped hoody: macys
jeans: J crew
boots : thrifted/ vintage
feather necklace: forever 21

Due to comment stats I'm sensing a total lack of interest in any posts I do involving...well...anything outside the realm of an ensemble. I really enjoy photography, and documenting, so I love including photographs of activities , yknow, Ryan and me doin stuff, goin places, eatin stuff, and occasionally stuff I make.....but when I do it seems like the reception/ interest level drops significantly. So now I have to make a decision...do I cater to the masses and make this a strictly outfit/style blog, never to meander through my other hobbies and interests for the sake of traffic? Do I just not care at all and post whatever I damn well please, regardless of others being bored to tears or disinterested? In that case, is there even a point to making the blog public? hm. a quandry.

All these questions. All these concerns.
And I have no answer for now. And that's okay, I think.
I have plenty (p.l.e.n.t.y.) on my plate in the real world, and for now, since my blog isn't making money anyway, it is my one creative outlet, and for now, that's something I need.

So here's an outfit post......but they won't always be like this. sorry? but not really? sometimes I cook things! sometimes I go on trips! sometimes I make things! sometimes I like pictures of Ryan!

if I feel too pigeon-holed or chore-bogged by this blog it will lose its outlet status and move on to something more like a bullet on a list, which isn't how I, happily, roll.


  1. kitsune-kun!

    for some reason it makes me hungry ;) haha but seriously i love the japanese influence for your blog name ^_^

    and yes, i agree that anything that has to do with something BESIDES fashion posts don't really gain a lot of readers which is a shame because i love looking at photography and talking about what we're all doing for halloween ^_^

    i'll still be interested if you decide to post anything BESIDES fashion though ^_^


  2. do and post what you want!!! i'm trying to learn this as well... it's sometimes annoying/painful to see that people really only comment/view a post when it's about your outfit... but i think we've got to get past that.

    personally, i've just been sucking at commenting in general lately and that's why you haven't heard from me...i look at all your posts though and always think about how darling you and ryan are and the things you do together. :)

    BUT since this is an outfit post, i must say that i really like it! the necklace is a cute little addition! xx

  3. Feathers make any outfit perf! I love the necklace! What are you guys studying here in the city?!

  4. Post what you like says I. I actually have been a reader of your blog for some time now. I don't always get to comment, but I do enjoy all your pictures. Your photography is very impressive and I love the cute shots of you and Ryan. Keep it up!

  5. I rarely comment since having a newborn and an active toddler means I'm generally reading on my phone or whenever I can catch a moment, but I love your out and about posts and especially your adventures with Ryan. You look like you have so much fun, and it reminds me of my husband and my newlywed escapades + inspires me. ;) So I know I'm not exactly in your goal demographics, but I do enjoy your posts even if I'm generally not commenting.

  6. I feel the same way! I love to post recipes and photos of trips, holidays, etc but don't get many comments on them. Sometimes I feel pressured to have my posts be super stream-lined, but blogging should be centered around the lives we live, which contains a lot more than just what we wear. I say, post the photos that you love and that make you happy!

  7. Post whatever you want!! At first people may not be used to the new content, but as time goes on they will become accustomed to it, and you open your blog up to new readers who will follow for different sorts of posts. Hang in there, because it is definitely worth it to be able to post whatever you like!
    By the way, this outfit is super-cute!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. I've only really been reading your blog a couple months but I'm never sure what to SAY on a post about photography or what you did that day. Even though I honestly enjoy reading them.
    Outfits seem easier because after reading I can just stop in and say 'cute shoes' and then leave.
    Your 'style' shows through even in your photography. It's your blog you should post whatever you like. To incite comments maybe try more of those really cliche 'blogger questions' at the end of your posts? Like 'where did you guys go this weekend?'

  9. I like all of your posts and I totally feel the same way about my non outfit posts. I think it is really easy for people to write, "cute skirt" or "I like your dress" than to actually read what you write and comment on a non-outfit post. I love seeing your adventures to keep it up!

  10. Love the stripes paired underneath the tunic!...I say blog about what you know and love and leave the rest to whomever wishes to read. We certainly can't force readers but sometimes I think we can all be rather lazy and love the outfit posts so we can say "great outfit" and we do mean it but it is just so easy...oh this seems to be written above...haha..but adventures are awesome whether they deem comments or not. :) -Lo

  11. Post what you like and don't be perturbed by not as many people commenting. I often read and don't comment but that doesn't mean I'm not interested, it just means I have nothing particularly interesting to add. And I think it's totally dull when people JUST post outfits on their blogs. I like to see what else people are inspired and interested by and other ways in which they are artistic and creative and intelligent. I often post about non-clothes related things - particularly buildings. I just like to know that I'm getting to share beautiful things with whoever's willing to look my way.

  12. Firstly this outfit is SO adorable! I wish I was wearing it right now!! The stripes, the feather necklace, ah those boots -love the whole thing!

    Secondly, you should absolutely blog about what you love! I think that a blog can totally have a few audiences, the people that want to see outfit posts, or readers that are interested in lifestyle/cooking ...or whatever it may be. Definitely blog for your self first, it's your space and is meant to reflect your loves & passions. xo veronika

  13. i'm into food. and forrests. and your face. This is how I keep up on your life now that we've got no yoga breakfasts

  14. haha awww my stats always go down too for posts that don't involve outfit photos. But the way I see it, it's YOUR blog, your little creative space and online diary to enjoy, so you shouldn't have to hide your love for photography and documenting day trips and adventures, just to please the masses. People read your blog because they like you for all your unique little charms. Don't lose that! x

  15. You should definitely post whatever you want on your blog! It's your personal blog after all!

    I love the striped top you wore underneath the tunic top. Everything looks so great!

  16. Love your blog! You have such cute style <3




  17. the blog would be way boring and devoid of any personality if you regimented rules to your sharing.

    blogging should be for yourself! share what you want.

  18. I think you should post whatever you feel inspired to post! Because that's what blogs are about- expressing and sharing inspiration. If you feel inspired by scenery, the food you cooked, or outfits, too, then just go with it. Together they create the composite of your blog and express and represent you.

    Also, I must say that this frock with the little feather necklace is adorable. I love the color, and it's so pretty with the soft grey backdrop of NYC architecture! x

  19. Honestly I really read your blog because I enjoy getting to see all the cool places you go haha. If you just had outfits on your blog it wouldn't be as interesting as it is now, not to say that I don't appreciate the outfit posts.

  20. Your striped top is so darling! <3 I love seeing it peeking out from underneath! And of course, I love seeing your pretty excursions as well as your outfits! Your blog truly is perfect, so don't worry! : )

    Lost in the Haze

  21. You blog for yourself and that's whats most important. I love your stories and adventures:) I hope you keep up with the same format.

    PS I have the same lack of comments on my travel/lifestyle posts too. It seems to be a trend. But I blog whatever the heck I want and I know people read the posts by look at my analytics and noticing how long people stay on my blog while reading the post.

  22. feel free to post what you like--it's your blog<3!!

  23. You look absolutely stunning with your hair like that!!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  24. beautiful boots and tunic :) you look so romantic!

    greetings from Poland! :) :*

  25. I also post whatever makes me happy, because that's what I think makes every blog different. I adore you blog! Keep it as your own personal diary and do it because it makes you happy to!

  26. I know what you mean in the regards of different posts. I personally post a lot more than outfits, travel, art, friends, because the blog represents my public life. I do know that there is a lack in commenting with those posts but you should post your life how you want. I mean really it is so wonderful going back and seeing what you were doing a year or month ago I love doing that with my own blog! Anyway I think the summer always lacks in comments, and I know for me following blogs on my iPhone makes it really hard to comment, so sorry for not commenting as much!! And I love this look, and your last post at the stream in the woods was spectacular!

    Sparrow & Urchin