Friday, September 30, 2011

all wet

top: forever 21
skirt: thrifted
boots: France....from horse riding lessons when I was 12...good thing I had enormous feet then that never got bigger...
cardigan: H&M

Will it ever stop pouring? will the sun ever show again? says today it will today!! 70 degrees and sunshine. so we are driving up to some swimming holes while we still can! In the meantime, here are some depressing, dark, rainy photos. more where that came from, I assure you. Yesterday I was was wandering central park...with a dead phone and no umbrella and started raining crazy hard. I got so so totally soaked through by the time I got home, and by some miracle my phone stayed okay in my purse. phew!

So excited to drive up north and get some fresh air, see some real trees and scenery and hopefully some pretty leaves! Hope I can brave the's not exactly warm this time of year.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you got those amazing boots in Paris! So jealous! Love the rest of your outfit too!

  2. Haha nice clouds over your face!! (;
    LOVE that skirt... You always thrift the best skirts! Find me one! (;


  3. Looove this outfit! Your skirt is gorgeous!

    Xenia x

  4. enjoy your swim and fun times outside of the city!

  5. this is so adorable! I love the colors in this look. great photos!


  6. love your skirt!!have a nice day and kisses from prague and seattle

  7. This outfit is just perfect! Even the horse riding boots are cute ;)

  8. EL sueter mostaza es lindisimo y las fotografías son geniales.
    Un beso :)

  9. there's something about rainy days that i just love, but i know that lots of them in a row can be kind of depressing. though, i'm betting that your cute, yellow cardigan remedied that a bit! i hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine!