Thursday, August 4, 2011

last week....

So, for now that's all the pictures I have from my trip. I still need to get some developed from my instamatic, which is an ordeal because the film isn't made anymore, so few places process it. Also, Audrey has a real nice camera and lenses, so once she has time to get everything to me, I'll share ;)

I got a haircut.

But these pictures are from last Sunday: what I wore to church.

So, no haircut pictures. yet. These are Happily Longer Haired Kathryn pictures before the hairdresser decided to ignore any of my 'I'm trying to grow it out' pleas.

maybe it's therapeutic for me to post these? wish my hair was still this long:(

dress: nordstrom rack, shoes: forever young, necklace: ?? had it forevs

So this is our swell rooftop that locks us out if we let the door shut all the way. it's a fun hang out as long as we always wedge something in the door!
(AND a special thanks to Ryan, who is a rockstar at putting up with blog pictures in 101 degree weather in almost direct sunlight, and on an iphone no less. thank you thank you, could not have pull these pictures off the same by myself<3 )


  1. Beautiful dress and your roof is amazing! xo

  2. The brick work on your rooftop is beautiful...great spot to take pics...lucky...we have to go up our fire escape to get to the roof because the door has an Love the bright dress can't wait to see your haircut!

  3. I don't know why hairdressers are always out to get us long-haired gals. But I'm sure you'll look fine with your new shorter do. I love the drape-front of your dress. It really adds interest to the dress, besides the great color!

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  4. the ones where the sun is shining down on you are completely beautiful! love them.
    xoxo Charity |

  5. you look so graceful in your jumping photo! whenever i try shots like that I end up looking awkward and astonished haha xx misstea & co.

  6. that rooftop looks so nice! also, you're really pretty!