Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Falls

Here are some phone pictures of our Niagara Falls Trip. The better, more up-close photos of the falls are on other cameras, a waterproof one especially, so those will come later, but here are some snapshots from up on top. The sigh was huge and misty and pretty dern majestic. We rode the Maid o The Mist Ferry down around the bottom of the falls, which was fun, and we wandered around the rim for most of the afternoon.

and of course, we dressed up:



Dress: vintage (SF Flea Market), sunglasses: coal umbrella, sandals: target

Audrey and Devani in their cute lil hats




Across the way, the 'American' side of the Falls. going farther up to the Canada side was well worth it for the view, even if we did get stopped at the border for over an hour over awkward personal questions, and nothing illegal.





a pond with lily pads on the way to our car.


  1. This looks so amazing! I'd love to go to the Niagara Falls one day...or just anywhere on the East Coast. :)

  2. We did this! I Love how touristy the Canada side is! Did you get to try Yogen-Fruz? so delicious!

  3. Beautiful photographs!

    Original Number. xx

  4. what a fun trip... can't wait to see more pics..i adore that white dress!

  5. Hi!!! I had knew your blog today by Rockstar Diaries!!! I like it!!!!