Sunday, August 7, 2011

bows, pigs, and candy stripes

Two exciting things about this post

1) before and after hair pictures (sorry, it's not that drastic)

2) a cute cute bowtie from Holly!

Holly and I did a swap for some blog posts a while back, and when she sent me back my stuff, there was this cute lil bowtie necklace in with the mix. so darling. I've been meaning to wear it sooner but I packed it up pretty early with some stuff to ship to New York, and I only just rediscovered it while unpacking. fun surprise! I decided on wearing it before I picked any of my other clothes, and tried to plan an outfit around it. wearing a big bow with these pastels made me feel really japanesey, so I hung my cute little pig coin purse from my belt too, to add cutesey animalness to cutesey bowness.

Haircut: So I asked for bangs and more layers, and to keep my length since I'm trying to grow it out. from the front it's not too huge of a difference, but there's a good four inches off the back...oh'll just take me like two years to grow it back. anyone know what makes your hair grow faster?

the outfit deets:
top: vintage (pib's xchange), skirt: vintage/ thrifted, bowtie: Holly's Etsy Shop!, oxfords: thrifted/ vintage, belt: thrifted.

Holly has tons of other cute bow items in her shop. go check it out!



  1. I love that skirt, and the bowtie necklace is so cute!

    PS The haircut is super cute! I hear pre-natal vitamins do wonders for your hair and nails.... haha!

  2. I think your hair looks lovely but if it's any consolation it grows way faster in the summer than the winter. Very cute bowtie necklace and I love your overall def has a Asian vibe.

  3. I have a heard a couple of times that combing your hair with a bristles brush will massage your sculp and encourage hair growth :)

  4. I love the pattern mixing that you are doing here and that is a great bow. I love this outfit!

  5. You look super cute! Although I don't think I would have noticed that these are before and after pics if you hadn't pointed it out ;)

  6. I think your hair looks lovely! It's amazing what a few snips here and there can do. And that outfit is darling ... absolutely darling xo

  7. Aaaah, the bow looks adorable! And all the different patterns together is fabulous.

    And of course, your hair looks great!

  8. Awww you look so darling in this outfit, sweet and girly! :)

    I went to Holly's shop and she has such amazing stuff.

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  9. LOVE the skirt!

  10. I like the haircut :) sometimes even a small change feels great. Love the striped skirt as well

  11. Great outfit!
    love the cute bow :D

    Want to follow each other? :) x