Sunday, June 5, 2011

back up to San Francisco (day 4?)



Here is where I start losing track of what day of the trip I'm on- there are a buttload (I am not being that crass, folks, this is a real unit of measurement referring to barrels or something) of pictures where I am wearing this dress....and while I might have worn it twice, knowing me I seriously doubt it. So these are pictures from what is probably the first half of the day when I am wearing this yellow floral dress. Clearly is was quite the eventful day.

So, we started off the day by driving back from Monterey to a Sunday Flea Market in San Francisco. LOTS of fun junk to sort through.







Here I am excitedly sporting my spoils. I found a cute little cream sixties shift dress for 10 dollars, and a vintage red flower brooch for 3. We also found this cute little music box and delicate Japanese wood cut:




Things were generally priced pretty high for a flea market, so unfortunately there were other dresses I had to pass up. After the Flea Market we headed over to Japantown. ooohhhhhh Japantown. I can't even tell you what that place holds for me. it's not THAT big or anything, and I think the average person could be done with it in about two hours, but we spent like 4 1/2 there if that give you any idea of our level of enthralment.

They had two japanese style malls complete with little fake sakura trees and sand gardens, and bridges, tons of awesome restaurants, a pagoda square, food stands with food we've missed like Tai Yaki and Dango....and....RILAKKUMA, he cutest cutest japanesey bear with the cutest cutest face that makes me go weak in the knees whenever I see it. We also spent about an hour in the supermarket there, buying all kinds of fun items from Japan.




I am head over heels in love with all the cutesey little animal everythings in Japanese shops. I freak out. Ryan makes fun of me because I almost collapse at the cuteness. When I saw this set of owl tea cups, teapot and cream and sugar bowls I just about died.

And here's me fuhreaking out over rilakkuma again.





After ogling at ots of cute shops we got hungry and found an awesome little noodle house with really good sounding ramen on the menu. They house make all their noodles daily! We split a bowl of char sui miso ramen. sooohohoo good.





This picture really doesn't do the dish justice....There's something so great about the earthy murkiness of miso broth, and this flavour coupled with the handmade noodles was amazing! Ryan was probably picky over all the real awesome ramen he's had in Japan, but as I've only had a fraction of the authentic ramen he has, I thought this was pretty delicious.

After getting stuffed on noodles, we went in search of fun snacks and found a dango stand! next to a replica of the osaka castle! It was almost like being back....okay not at all, but it was the closest we can get right now!


My creation





okay have I totally tuckered you out with pictures? because this is only the first half of the day! hopefully I haven't exhausted our interest. we sure had fun.


  1. It looks like a really fun day.

  2. I love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  3. it entertains me so much to read about someone touring places i've been to! i can't tell you why!

    japan town is the cutest. i'm so glad you guys are having fun!!


  4. beautiful dress!! i adore the vintage-like pictures!!

  5. what lovely photos. looks like a perfect day. i am also so completely in love with what you are wearing here!

  6. That flea market looks like so much fun! It's a shame the prices weren't lower, though, that's always annoying. The flea markets here in L.A are notorious for being overpriced! :/

  7. Looks like you had so much fun. I love to see the city I live in from the eyes of someone else. Glad you had fun at the flea market and Japan Town. Those are two of my favorite places.

  8. It sure looks like you had a great time. All the food looks yummy. I hate when things are priced a bit too high especially dresses. Hope you're off to a great week. That brooch is beautiful and that cutout is so detailed and quite amazing lady.

  9. looks like you have wonderful days..
    and i do wanna try the tai yaki..looks delicious..

    can't wait to see your pictures on another trip..hehehe.. :D

    i'm following you now btw
    wish you can follow me back

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  10. looks like such a fun dress is SO cute!