Saturday, May 28, 2011

road to the trip

ok...I have been MIA for a couple of days, and I don't mean playing a sri lankan for Halloween. Our one year anniversary is June first, and we've been saving quarters ever since we got married to fund a roadtrip. Lest you might think this was a silly or unrealistic endeavor, let me bring to your attention that as managers of our building, one perk for our efforts is keeping the laundry quarters. that's right. so we have several hundred dollars in quarters by now.

we didn't really plan this trip out. at all. in fact we WERE going to leave next thursday but things seemed to work better this week so we up and left. blogging and vacationing is not easy, but I'm trying to keep up. it seemed like too late of notice to get some guest posters worked out, and being a rather new blogger, I haven't looked into how that works anyway.

so, thursday morning we packed up the car and headed out toward San Francisco.

Here are some pictures from the long dry drive:

There really isn't much at. all. to stop and see or do on the 80W, but we did find a fun little town called Lovelock in Nevada while looking for a good Pit Stop. There was an old brick courthouse and a park with chains that couples come and put locks on, to 'lock their love in lovelock'.






It was in this town that we found a little well's fargo and dropped in to ask for some several dozens of those quarter pouch things. They gave us cookies. real homebaked peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies.

We spent most of our time taking turns sleeping or listening to an audio recording of The Hobbit. When we finally got to Reno, we decided it was time for dinner, and Ryan really wanted noodles so we iphoned a place called Khan's Kitchen, a mongolian grill place. it was awesome! and SO rewarding for such a long day. you fill your bowl and full as you can with raw meats (they had every kind you could think of- even scallops!) and vegetables (SO many options!) and then you season your stuff with spices and different sauces and they throw it on a huge grill for you with a pile of noodles and put it all in a bigger bowl and bring it to your table. it was so so good.



After Reno we kept truckin through to California and spent the night in a motel in Roseville. more on that later. this should be a happy post.

So it's pretty late now and I should go to bed. We've got lots ahead of us tomorrow! I have lots of videos of the trip but no means to edit them so I guess I'll post those way later, and hopefully photos will suffice for now!

(Anyone from San Fransisco have any good suggestions on where to go and what to do while we're here? besides the standard google reponses?)


  1. I would give you cookies too.

  2. I love seeing trip photos! It makes me want to go out and travel! So fun! :)

  3. 826 Valencia. I'm serious. It's better if I send you not knowing what to expect, but then I'm worried you won't go and it's worth it. so think about the kind of pirate life you've always dreamed of.

  4. The weather looks incredible! and so does the food - yum!


  5. lovelock! what a cute town name! pictures look awesome! i need a road trip asap! can't wait to see the rest!

  6. I'm an hour out of San Francisco, and I'd like to say that means I know all the best haunts, but instead I think it means I take it for granted. ;) If you like to walk, you should check out the Tiled Steps Project ( Besides the awesome steps, it's a nice view of the different unique SF neighborhoods (and if you keep going up to the top of the hill, you get a great bird's eye view).

    Although it's kind of cliche, we always like to stroll through the touristy parts of San Francisco.... I mean, free chocolate, a store full of tiny elegantly dressed mice dolls, street musicians, a little shop that stamps fairy dust on you, views of the bridges... it's just a fun experience.

    My favorite SF feature is the amazing Jessica McClintock outlet, but my husband doesn't enjoy that so much. ;) I've found so many gorgeous dresses and fabric and notions for steals there.

    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful visit to the city and look forward to hearing about your adventures. We occasionally take short business roadtrips to the Roseville area and always stop by the Chick-Fil-A. ;)

  7. your trip looks like so much fun - great snaps


  8. Can't help you with tips since I'm from belgium, sorry! :D However, I have just found your blog and I am absolutely in love. The vintage dresses, the personality, the pictures: everything is LOVE! Also, if you ever get sick of your dresses, give me a call plz.

  9. very nice post!
    kisses, Katheryn