Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2 of the Trip

We stayed at some super crappy hotel in Roseville for the night after about 16 hours of cost us around 70 dollars, and as soon as we got in there Ryan found poop in the toilet, and the flush didn't work. GUHross. so they moved us over to a new room which smelled strongly of stale cigarette smoke, the bathroom door wouldn't close, there were only three pillows on the king sized bed, and the tub was far from clean...and the curtain rod was all bent and crooked. fuuuun. also it was THE most uncomfortable mattress I think I have ever slept on.

In the morning we were thrilled to find a Trader Joe's, which they have none of in Utah. We got blueberry goat cheese, a sourdough baguette, and strawberries for breakfast with a cool fruit and veggie puree drink, and had a little picnic breakfast.

Then we continued our way over to San Francisco. We ate lunch at union square with another Trader Joe's picnic: blood orange soda, and hummus and veggie wrap, and more strawberries, and then I took the Mister to H&M for a wardrobe update of sorts. The Men's section had amazing deals. Women's section? not so much. and Ryan was most definitely the only straight guy in the place. We found him some great clothes! I got some socks:)

After that we drove to Haight Street and explored around. So fun! I found a cute vintage dress and skirt and Ryan found a great leather jacket steal at the Goodwill there! He also found himself a Banana Republic sweater that fits him wonderfully. Then we were excited to explore Amoeba Records.





We didn't have much time there- the stores started to close, so we ate real quick- a pesto, garlic and potatoe pizza and we got amazing gourmet hot chocolate- gingerbread and hot pudding, a dark sipping chocolate, and a raspberry croissant for dessert.






  1. looks like you had loads of fun - shame about the hotel - i hate a grim hotel but you have no other choice!


  2. This looks like such a cool trip! reminds me of the road trip that my husband and I took up the West Coast a few months after we got married. Also, that blood orange soda from TJ's is SO good. I love TJ's.

  3. i love your vintage dress. and that shop looks lovely.

  4. after a grimace about your hotel experience, i smiled about your descriptions of SF! such an awesome place, isn't it? i live 30 mins away, but rarely get over there! your phone pics are great. hope you're having fun!