Friday, March 11, 2011

Brand City

sweatshirt: Pib's Xchange, checkered shirt: H&M, jeans: papaya, boots: thrifted.

I tried and tried to do this post last night and my pictures kept coming up terrible and pixely. Ryan finally helped me fix it this morning and I lost the stuff I wrote last night....and I have no motivation to rewrite it all.

so.. .. CLOTHES.

that's all you get.


  1. Cute! I love old logos like these. Pepsi, Mickey, Budweiser, uh....7 Eleven.

    You look super cute and stylish even in a sweatshirt...sigh.

  2. i like those photos alot. the big pepsi in the background matches your plaid and mickey mouse ha!

  3. such a cute look, love your sweater x

  4. I'm sorry that all your stuff got deleted...I hate it when that happens!

    At least you look cute in your Minnie Mouse sweater! I love the sweater. You really can't EVERY go wrong with anything Disney. =)

    -Erin (

  5. THE WASH HUT! i used to live right around the corner from there. pretended to do lots of studying whilst waiting for my wash.
    and i think your bun and bangs combo is perfect. your tendrils are nice and romantic but not fussy.