Thursday, March 10, 2011

"blah blah blah CHARLIE SHEEN blah blah blah blah"

Dress: Last Chance
Cardigan: Gadzooks
Leggings: Target
Tights: Ross
Boots: Etsy

So, we were driving around late at night and we were hungry, so we decided to try out the Peruvian place near our house. It had good reviews online, and it looked eclectic and hopefully authentic, so we ventured in in the midst of a blizzard. While we were ordering our food, we noticed we were seated pretty close to the radio speakers, which were blasting at an abnormally loud level, what sounded like a Mexican internet-radio station. For each Spanish-language song there were four bad American goodness-knows-what sort of pop is in vogue these days including some song where some chick is yelling and groaning at the mic about fireworks. It was not pleasant. And way worse that any of my memories of riding the school bus as a middle schooler. About halfway through the meal, the announcer guy was explaining an upcoming song in Spanish (which I couldn't understand), but my ears perked in alarm as I heard him say, pretty clearly, the eff word. In English. Then, lo and behold, another really bad pop song came on in English, in which the chorus (which was repeated about thirty-five times) blatantly crooned, if you can call it that, said eff-word all over our romantic Peruvian dinner. So that was fun.

We ordered ceviche and a breaded-fried steak with roasted onions and tomatoes served over salad and french fries, seasoned with Peruvian Spices™, which were not elaborated on in the menu. I'll have to look that up. Oh yeah! Then, the radio announcer guy kept mentioning Charlie Sheen over and over again. And, since it was the only thing I could understand, the name was all I heard and all I could think about during the whole meal, which was really bizarre.

Also, hey look! My new design is finally up. Thanks to my wonderfully talented, hard-working, and charming Ryan-pants. Couldn't have done it without him. Hope I don't get sick of it soon.


  1. Yellow!!! I'm so envious -- that color looks so great on you. I always feel very self-conscious when I wear yellow, but I love it on you!

    Also, what a really odd dinner. Charlie Sheen, the F-word and yummy Peruvian spices. At least the last one was good?

    And I love the new design! It is so, so cute. :)

    - Caroline (

  2. I'm loving the new layout too, especially the adorable fox! The fit of your dress is perfect on you.

    The dinner does seem strange but hopefully the food was good. I love Peruvian food, especialy the spicy green sauce that I dump on eveything.

  3. You look WINNING!

    Couldn't resist. You look lovely :)
    Love the new blog design

  4. I love the new blog design- its adorable! And that yellow dress is killing me. With a bow on top? I want!


  5. I love your yellow dress! It's definitely perfect for the upcoming spring weather. And that bow is darling! =)

    HAHA. And it's moments like those that you wouldn't want to spend it with anyone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend.

    And your new layout is a winner! I'm glad you were able to incorporate the little fox in. =)

    -Erin (

  6. Hi i really like your drop shadows.

  7. aww.I love that little bow. what an adorable dress.I love yellow.and your blog layout is adorable. love the peach!