Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So.we got lots more snow and cold weather. hence the inside pictures, the weird lighting, and the urge to wear my cutesy hat as much as possible. also, this outfit with my wall and curtains looks SO eastery. maybe I'll use it again.

I have about 400 pages left of a novel to read, 6-8 film abstracts to write,30ish papers to grade, a late research proposal to salvage, and around 10 pages to write on said novel, all due in the next 24 hours. yelp. and I haven't even checked if I have any exams coming up. double yelp.

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  1. Holy crap that's a lot to do! Good luck with everything. At least you can know that your outfit is awesome and brings some color to this dreary, never-ending winter.

    Also, I stared at that fox in the first photo for like 5 minutes trying to determine whether it was a graphic or a stuffed animal on the couch. Dumb, but my hair color is blond.

    North Meets South