Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new cardigan! well not really...

heey everrbody.

I'm on outfit 19 and I haven't worn this cardigan yet! which is weird because I usually wear it a ton. ...So you're probably going to be seeing a lot more of it from now on. Also, I really hope I have the time this weekend to work on redesigning my blog. I feel like it needs a lot of work and cleaning up and I am NOT computer savvy...At first I really wanted my background to be this woodblock painting, because

a) Hiroshige is my very favourite painter, and this is pretty up there on my favourite paintings my him.

b) It's a painting of foxes, and a really lovely one too. I love the colour scheme.

c) I'm kind of going for a fox theme here..kitsune is fox in japanese...

d) I guess I wanted to resist the trend of pristine white blogs that I see everywhere. although I can't deny they look neat, tidy, put together, and nothing distracts from the pictures, I wanted something unique that reflected my personality and design....so I picked this painting and colour scheme.

however...it's been like this since January and now I'm getting antsy to try and actually design something myself...draw my own fox....maybe try and make picture frame templates or something..make it look cleaner.

anyways, I guess we'll see!


  1. Oh my goodness, you just showed me an amazingly classy way to wear purple tights. I loooove it!

  2. What a lovely selfmade accessorie, love the way everything matches so perfectly, you look darling!


  3. so: i love it all. this outfit is kinda perfect, you know? esp. love the skirt girl! AND: welcome to the Mormon fashion bloggers list too:)

  4. Loving the floral print + pops of purple. I just purchased purple tights quite recently, however I haven't worn them much, but this outfit is lovely & inspiring and just the push I need. xx veronika

  5. this outfit is adorable. i love the skirt and the pops of purple, i can see why you wear the cardigan so much!

    i like your layout a lot! you're right about the plain white blogs being EVERYWHERE. i get tired of my layout so frequently, I'm always changing it.

  6. looks great so far! redesigning my blog was one of the hardest things i've ever done, it took me at least 7 hours.

  7. I adore this shade of purple; especially the way you use it! I am so inspired by your outfits, btw. :)

    - Caroline (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)