Monday, February 21, 2011

memories and and times lost

disclaimer: these boots are not in my 30/30. however, it rained and snowed like crazy all day and I had to wear something that wouldn't get ruined. understand?

This outfit is oddly full of memories and snippets of my life that have certainly shaped who I am, and MOST importantly...not....just blog specific-wise maybe, my fashion or personal style. I didn't even think about it or plan it that way, but after editing these I've realized that two of the items I'm wearing are from other countries, and another is heavily influenced by a third.

The tartan scarf is from: when I was 5-9 we lived in Saudi Arabia, and consequently we did quite a bit of travelling around with the family over school holidays and stuff. also, my cousins lived in Windsor for a time, so that made it easy to go to the UK and have a base to stay. I think it was over christmas break one time, we were at Piccadilly circus and I remember it being absolutely frigid outside so we stopped by a street vendor and we all picked a scarf and hat to wear. Everything was all lit up and magical and I couldn't wait to ride the carousel.

Those riding boots: I am proud to say, did actually see a fair amount of riding whilst I lived in Switzerland. We lived in Geneva, very near the border with France, so we hopped back and forth quite a bit with skiing, shopping, visiting friends, and none other than my equine escapades. My mom found some stables that offered lessons run by a British lady so I wouldn't have to struggle with the language too much I guess....Those are very fond memories. The scenery was beautiful. Taking the horses from the pasture, tacking them up, and riding them through mountain paths was pretty amazing.
Those boots were almost gonners. One day it was raining super super hard, and had been all day and as a result all ground that wasn't concrete had turned into a mud quagmire-pseudo-cesspool of earth, rain, straw, horse manure, you name it. I don't remember who started it, but somehow one of us between me, my sister, and friend Christina got stuck in the muddy swampy bit, and the instant suction made it incredibly hard to move. Five minutes later all three of us were completely stuck in the stuff all the way up to our knees and the harder we tried to pull out, the harder the suction pulled and the deeper we sank. At one point I pulled so hard my foot came clear out of my boot and the poor thing became quickly engulfed in the sick mess. Panic stricken at how much trouble I would be in if I came home without a boot, I dug and pulled and dug and pulled. gross, I know.
But now I still have these boots to wear when it's rainy:)

Lastly, the hat. I wouldn't be fully honest if I didn't say that SOMEthing about my Japan fetish, travel to that magnificent island, and steady exposure to the culture and art via living in Hawaii and dating a Japanese major didn't have something to do with my headwear choices and frequent urges to wear and decorate with cutesy animals.

and now....a shout my embarassingly broken second language:

est-ce qu'il y a des bloggers (bloggeurs? comment sa s'ecrit en francais?)quand meme, les gens qui BLOG qui sont francaises ou suisses? Salut de l'Utah!


  1. My rainboots aren't in my 30 for 30, but I wear them anyway when necessary. Pretty sure Kendi won't care.

    North Meets South