Monday, September 29, 2014

a different outing, a different dress












Some photos of things we've been up to lately- mostly taken on iPhones because I never carry our camera around anymore when we go out unless it's some photo-destined event. The ones with the yellow dress are from the MoshiMoshi Nippon festival- celebrating all things kawaii and Japanese pop culture, etc. It was a fun day- I don't think I'd need to go again, and I was definitely expecting more, but I think it was all worth it for this photo with the kawaii yellow monster. I also ended up getting photographed for the Japan Times and some other websites I've already forgotten (d'oh) and got interviewed for a TV channel.

The ones in the southwest dress are from a saturday wandering around aoyama/ omotesando. I found this dress at a secondhand vintage shop when we spent a weekend in yokohama and I couldn't believe my luck. As soon as I saw the fabric it made me feel a little pang of homesickness and once I tried it on and it fit so well, I kind of felt like I had to get it since it felt like a little piece of home. We visited a farmers' market where Ryan got pizza from a little VW pizzabus, and then headed over to ayoama flower market teahouse for some tea and treats. The atmosphere was so beautiful- it felt like we were eating inside a fancy greenhouse- and the floral flavours in the desserts and tea were so nice and interesting. I got rose jelly and violet rose tea and I couldn't imagine a prettier setting in which to enjoy them


  1. Aw that first dress is adorable and I love the shoes, such cute pictures too <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. I am glad you are already a celebrity in Japan.

  3. you're such cuttie :) just like a little sunshine in big big world full of grey people <3

    1. you're so kind! thank you:) I always appreciate your thoughtful compliments<3

  4. The two dresses are so soo pretty! Love them & specially with your styling. Were was that dino pattern? Is that a wall? or bus (it could be in Japan! :P) ? Violet rose tea, yummy! Was Aoyama nice? Is it similar to Harajuku?

    1. The dino pattern was just a small booth outside the main starbucks at shibuya crossing. So awesome, right!? I used to have a baby blanket with that exact pattern. Aoyama is right by omotesando and harajuku- it's like the swankier more upscale side of town, so it's nice but everything is overpriced:/ ha. at least for ME.