Monday, March 10, 2014

winter fade

I took these photos of my friend Erica while I was still in Utah in February and the mountains had just been dusted with a fresh
layer of snow. I brought along smoke bombs for her to hold in glass jars in each hand, and even though I selected colorful looking
ones, the smoke came out plain white....strange and disappointing. Then we tried to place orange ones around her in the snow,
and they did come out bright orange but the wind blew the smoke out of frame and my camera jammed as I reframed the last bit
of fleeting smoke. ugh. the riskiness and finickiness of film can get really frustrating.

Luckily I still got some pretty images I'm happy with, but they're nowhere near as dynamic and colorful as I was hoping. Oh well,
maybe I can try again next winter I guess. I'm sure missing these mountains already. Winter in New York without fresh snow is kind
of the worst thing I could imagine. But don't worry, it's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow and back down to 25 and snowing by
Wednesday. MADNESS.


  1. Wait I know her! I worked with her at Beans and Brews!

  2. Well the photos look lovely even if they aren't quite what you wanted! What an amazing location.

  3. Stunning pictures, that is a pretty exciting dress! I really like the pale smoke, even if it wasn't what you were aiming for

  4. Despite your troubles, I think the photos turned out very striking!

    x Kenzie

  5. That dress is exquisite! Gorgeous photos.
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  6. Lets just run away to the mountains.

  7. The smoke was definitely not in a cooperative mood :) However the colorful dress and the hair give a very vibrant feeling to the images! Love also the texture and the double exposure here.

  8. What a creative idea--love these pictures!