Thursday, March 27, 2014

march 27th

I started out shooting this roll with the intention of shooting a few double exposures here and there, but in the process, the mechanism that keeps the film taught and in place came undone, the film got really slack, and I panicked trying to wind it back to the right place, which at that point was guesswork. So what really ended up happening was, nearly everything I shot on the second half of the roll got layered over nearly everything in the first half. In some ways this produced happy accidents like the lace over my sister, which wasn't my original intention. In other ways, it ruined some shots I had in mind standing one their own and exposed for just the one frame, like some shots of Ryan and I in the city with fun backgrounds that ended up getting totally washed out, and most of the self portraits meant to just be me, some lace, and a star lamp.

On a happier note though, isn't my sister Emily a gorgeous photogenic gem? It's so nice to have her back again after almost two years of only skyping- Having some good family time and especially sister time really meant a lot to me, and I think Emily and I click a little better than the other sisters in terms of our tastes and preferences in most things. We're closest in age so I share the most memories with her as well. It was hard having her gone for so long- hopefully she'll be able to come visit new york soon. It was great being able to use her for a model in Utah- her eyes are gorgeous- and I can't wait to get back at it again.


  1. Wow really love these, happy accidents indeed!

  2. Love the happy accident with the double exposure of the lace and your sister! Also in love (so much) with the one with you and Ryan, beautiful. Hope we get to see more pics of Emily another time.