Saturday, August 10, 2013

A white cotton dress on a hot summer day



Reaching for something cotton in the middle of summer is a pretty big no brainer for me. The natural feel and breathability are wonderful factors, especially if I'm spending a lot of time outside in the heat of the day. Nothing says summer more than a bright white cotton dress. When I was asked to write a post featuring a cotton item, although I have quite a few and had difficulty narrowing it down at first, I think this was my first and last choice anyway, and solid one at that. It's a timeless style and a timeless fabric. This outfit is from some adventures I'll share more details about next week- I still have more Big Sur photos to catch up on! You can see my cotton video in the post below where I'm also wearing this dress among other cotton items.

dress: vintage

shoes and scarf- thrifted/vintage

( A collaboration with Chictopia and Cotton Fabric of Our Lives )


  1. Oh, what a perfect summer outfit. Love the bandanna detail. So many congrats on your Chictopia/Cotton collaboration! I smile whenever I see your ad on Chictopia. :-)

  2. adorable look! love your dress and the hat looks fantastic!!

  3. White cotton dresses will always hold a soft spot in my heart! Love your little red scarf, too!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. I love white dresses even though I'm always scared to wear them! I'm so messy I don't usually do well in white clothes :p Love the way you styled this though! It looks fantastic with the red scarf!

  5. This looks so perfect for keeping cool! You look lovely.

  6. Such a sweet and classic dress! Something like a simple cotton dress will always be beautiful. x

  7. Oh, this outfit is definitely very timeless and delicate and- it looks cool and breathable for summer for sure!

  8. This is really THE perfect summer outfit. And cotton will forever be my favorite fabric.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. Love me a white cotton dress.If I had it my way, they would take over my entire closet.

    Colour Me Classic