Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome to..........Jurassic Park






So I'm a little late to the party on this, but ever since I heard they were releasing Jurassic Park in 3D this year I've been super pumped and looking forward to it. We were out of town and busy on the night it opened though, and we had a hard time finding a day both of us could go once we got home, so we didn't get around to seeing it until this week. Jurassic Park has always been one of my favourite movies, and I never got to see it in theaters since I was too young, so even without the 3D I would have jumped at the chance to see it on the big screen. Ryan and I saw it in the IMAX near us and it was SO amazing! I almost cried.

So, in honor of this great great movie that influenced a whole generation, here are some photos from the Jurassic Park section of universal studios when we visited for spring break. I was so impressed! They actually built the whole visitor center from the movie and it looked JUST like it. They even had hokey visitor center-feeling things like a dinosaur themed kids discovery center, and an area where you could 'scan' your DNA to mix it with a dinosaur' favorite was holding and scanning the dino eggs though. So fun.


And just because it never never gets old:

I'll be back soon with more dinosaur themed posts in honour of this momentous event. Till next time!


  1. OMG what?! I was such a huge dinosaur fan as a kid. In fact, when the first Jurassic Park movie came out I was too young to watch it so my Godfather smuggled me in! He just told them I was much older. The movie scared the living daylight out of me! But it was so worth it!

    Wonderful pics! Love the last one especially!

  2. this is so cool! I remember watching Jurassic Park in the theater. It was sooo good. haha. Amazing that it's been this long already. I feel old.

  3. Dinos are awesome. And JP has been one of my favorite movies since I was little. You'd think it'd be scary for a child, but to me it was just awesome....haha. The IMAX 3D was AMAZING!! :D

  4. Cool! I was too young to see it in theatres too. My husband saw it in theatres when he was four. He also got to see Titanic when he was eight. Yeah. My parents were a little more strict with movies when I was a kid so it was awesome to see both films on the big screen recently.

    I love that photo of you running from the gates. :-D

  5. Ack, this looks so amazing! I hadn't ever seen Jurassic Park until my husband and I went to see it in 3D, and it was SO great. I want to go here now.

  6. You know, I've never even seen Jurassic Park. My boyfriend's dragging me out to see it next week - I'm actually looking forward to it!

    x Michelle |

  7. what a lovely trip and adventure :) i love this place and the photo where you cuddle this big creature :)

  8. Im still REALLY ANGRY they didnt distribute this during the summer, I MEAN IT WOULDVE BEEN PERFECT now I'm too lazy to go. I made the mistake of seeing the new evil dead instead...and ugh it was just ugh...

    why cant i wear tshirts....

  9. i had such a good time there, so much fun. really great ride too, pretty exciting

  10. nice outfit !! :)
    what about follow each other?

    have a nice day!

  11. I think it is great they put this movie back out in theatres. I remember when it was a huge hit when it came out and I was in 3rd grade and I saw it maybe when I was in 6th grade and loved it. I didn't see it in 3D, nor will I have an opportunity to, but I always say how it is really cool when they put older films in theatres again and I think they should do it regularly. . .with really old films too!