Monday, April 15, 2013

Cherry Blossom Fail







Last weekend we traveled to DC to see the cherry blossoms around the basin. I had put a lot of research into when the blossoms should have been in bloom, and even took into account the experts predicting a late bloom due to cold weather, but even after a lot of careful planning, we still ended up being too early, and out of the hundreds of sakura trees only about three actually had blossoms coming out. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. I had planned pretty much my whole month around this trip and was so excited to see America's biggest population of sakura in bloom.

In Japan, people use the word 'hanami' to describe the whole experience of taking time to go and view the cherry blossoms. There are often festivals dedicated to the event, many people dress in traditional attire that is seasonally appropriate ( floral fabrics, pinks and whites and purples to reflect the petal colours). The fact that the blossoms are so fickle and difficult to predict, coupled with the fleeting amount of time they actually stay open, renders the whole experience very poetic, and there are countless works of art lauding every stage of bloom, from the tiny green buds to the full open flower, to the fallen petals carpeting the ground. Ryan kept reminding me of all the songs and poems written about this stage we found ourselves in, where the buds are just starting to open and show colour. Try as I might, I wasn't able to muster enough patient Japanese mentality to feel too excited about it...I really wanted the spectacular view of open blossoms in all directions. That's life, though! Still glad we got to see at least a few trees blooming, and the monuments were cool.












dress/shoes/bag- vintage
glasses- uo
cardigan- zara
parasol- SF Japantown


  1. simply love with this post. The blossom tree, the umbrella, the dress...simply bloggin perfection you look gorgeous xxxx stunning photos

  2. Come to Vancouver, BC - the blossoms are open! You look lovely. :)


  3. stunning pictures! You may have been disappointed but it still looks so beautiful, particularly the first one looks so peaceful but I bet there were lots of people around

  4. these photos turned out beautiful! your hair blends with the scenery so well and i'm glad you captured the 3 that were in bloom! late spring this year sucks.

    pandaphilia fashion

  5. these pics are adorable, just like the dress! I'd use it for my marriage! ;)

  6. Magical photos!!! I wish we had cherry blossoms in my country, they look so beautiful! I love your dress and parasol so much, so perfect for this set of photos :)

  7. These photgraphs are incredible and I adore cherry blossoms i can see why you planned yourtrip around them!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  8. These pictures are absolutely stunning. This is definitely one of my favorite shoots of yours! And if I were you, I would've been so disappointed too. Especially after going all that way and expecting beautiful trees everywhere! It looks like you still had a good time, though. And you got such pretty shots anyway! :)

  9. More like 'Cherry Blossom Win' :) I really love the fourth photo, I love how all the colors and shades works well together in that image. Otherwise, the rest of the images are indeed lovely as well!

  10. You look beautiful, you blend right in with the beautiful cherry blossoms!

  11. love that dress! it's an awesome length and fits you so well. fun travels.

  12. Beautiful dress and beautiful girl!

  13. Looove this photo! You're like a flower fairy :D

    Castle Fashion

  14. Sorry you had such a disappointment, but your photos are beautiful nonetheless! Good thing you only need one for a great photo. That's so cool to learn about Japan! What a cool tradition! I absolutely love your dress! It's perfect for cherry blossoms!

  15. that dress is so so so dreamy! and even though it was a disappointment..making little trips are fun either way! so i bet it was a fun time :) i will never get over your b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l hair!!

  16. What an AWESOME weekend trip. Seriously - I love that you brought along your umbrella too. How lovely.

  17. Sorry you were disappointed, I hate it when things don't turn out as you plan! But you still got some absolutely gorgeous photos! Your beautiful outfit looks just perfect amongst the blossoms!

    I'm desperate to go to Japan and see the blossoms there, I've just started a degree, though, so unfortunately I'll have to wait a few years! x

  18. shame you were late for the blossoms, your story reminded me of memoirs of a geisha!! great read if you're into all that. nonetheless hope you had a good time!!

  19. omg, girl you don't stop surprise me! these photos are like from movie, magazine, I don't know *_* You perfectly suit to the background and omg, I just can't stop checking these photos <3 Just more than perfect!!!!

  20. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed! You look lovely and the trees are blossoming a little bit at least :) Nothing's in bloom here yet!

  21. I love the idea that there are words just for this experience of going to appreciate nature like that. Lovely. Sorry to hear your were a bit early for the best viewings, but still. Looks amazing to this Western girl!

    Also, you are stunning in the dress. The way it seems to match your hair is really striking and eye-catching.

  22. Your look is in my last selection :)

  23. i dont want to make things weird but you're wearing my dream wedding dress....jus sayin...youre a dream

  24. These photos are magical! I would not call this a fail at all :) Love your dress + the umbrella. Awesome styling all around, miss!

    <3 Megan

  25. Such pretty pictures!!!!!Gosh!

  26. These pictures are so pretty I can't even express it! You look absolutely gorgeous in your white dress among the cherry blossoms!