Wednesday, April 10, 2013

around the block







I tried to brave some outdoor shots the other day without a coat since the weather said it would be nice and in the 60's. Ha. Oh Kathryn. You put far too much faith in your weather apps and modern data. 60's? nice day? sunny? PSYCHE. About 10 minutes after we left it dropped about 15 degrees, got windy and freezing, and started sleeting. No picnic today. But here's a cool cathedral near our place. that's pretty neat. my dad always said there was no such thing as bad weather- just inappropriate clothing. I was so inappropriately clothed for this spring freeze storm. a good example of wishful thinking going badly wrong.

dress/shoes- vintage
cardigan- last chance
tights- joe fresh


  1. this outfit is so charming. i would wear it at this instance! <333


  2. Your dad's saying is so true!

    I love that classic pattern of the dress.

  3. I HATE when that happens! And I am really over all the sleeting and snowing. We had a "blizzard" yesterday. In April. Yuck! Very cute dress and colors today though. No matter how "inappropriate".

  4. Aw, you look wonderful *_* a lil person around big things <3

  5. You look amazing in that dress, looks like the weather here is the same as where you are - I'm craving warmer Spring weather and can't wait for this Winter weather to shift asap!

  6. I love your style!

  7. Yes, I tend to not listen to weather reports anymore-the weather has a mind of it's own and it doesn't care who's plans it screws up! haha. The wind certainly worked for you in these shots however, your dress looks so very pretty blowing in the breeze! What a perfect basic dress in a lovely color. I always adore you style-and the black shoes were a superb choice!

  8. It's too bad the weather report was wrong! I am so longing for warm weather right now.
    I love the first picture with the wind blowing your skirt, though! It's so lovely!

  9. I hate when the weather tricks you! I just want it to get warm and stay warm!
    You never cease to amaze me with your color palettes. You always put together colors in the most interesting ways! :)

  10. This plaid dress is perfect and I love seeing how it moves in these pictures! This cardigan contrasts so nicely with it too. You look adorable!

  11. This dress and how it fits you so nicely is so beautiful!!! I like the cardigan on you as well, but my comment has basically been a repeat of what you've already been told. I really need to do more outfit posts again.
    What a lovely location too!

  12. loving your gorgeous vintage dress darling
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  13. This is such a sweet look! I love this dress, and the yellow cardigan you paired it with! Also, your hair is so lovely, I love the white color!!

  14. OMG your hair !!!! It's PERFECT !

    See U !