Saturday, February 16, 2013

1/2 birthday











Here are some snippets of my half birthday festivities. I always made it kind of a deal that valentines day was my half birthday. I think it was mostly because since my birthday is in August, it was always before school started and all my friends were always still on vacation so I never really got to have many friends at my parties or have it acknowledged at school. Also we moved a ton, and a lot of times we had just gotten somewhere new before school was starting and I didn't know anyone anyway. Plus I just felt like my half birthday coinciding with a holiday just made it extra special. This year I threw a little half themed party, and made the cake and all the treats in halves. Luckily I have these cool ceramic fan plates that look like halves of a normal plate, so that worked out awesomely. I made a layered lemon cream cake, and I really liked how it turned out, although next time, I think I'll be using less sugar and even less lemon juice. The flavour was a little strong for me. It had been a while since I'd really baked anything, so it was fun to spend a day concentrating on treats.


  1. so nice!!! :)

  2. I had an August birthday too (late august so school had started but it was usually the first or second day and right around labor day weekend). I think I had a party for 3 and for 13. A half birthday sounds so fun! All the half bites are so funny and cute!

    Have a Very Merry Un-Birthday!

  3. That is such a cute idea! Happy Half Birthday! :)

  4. Cute! My birthday was never really acknowledged in school either because it fell in the week of Thanksgiving break and a few times on Thanksgiving. I've always wanted a summer birthday! Perhaps I'll celebrate my half birthday as well. Happy Un-Birthday :)

  5. this is a super cute idea. You're one lucky lady to have a half birthday on Valentine's Day. It makes for an awesome party.

  6. I want to eat some of that cake!

  7. it's all so cute! super fun idea i think i'm going to start celebrating 1/2 birthdays. you did a great job baking.

  8. These treats are so pretty & the half idea is cute :) Plus, I just love any excuse to celebrate hehe. Happy Half Birthday!

    <3 Megan