Tuesday, December 4, 2012








It's that time of year when I wake up and it's black outside- and then before I even get home from work it's black outside. Taking outfit photos is next to impossible (outdoors, are an extreme preference) and my blogging reliability starts to wane. It's also gotten chilly enough that no one ever sees anything I'm wearing under my coat- so I'm not feeling like putting my all into my outfits.

That being said, I found this coat in a thrift store in Pennsylvania and fell in love with the shape, texture, and colour, and actually felt excited about photographing the coat on its own. Night was the only time it would work, so I concocted some ideas in my head of how I'd like these to look (making the streetlamps look like fairy orbs, using the flash but not letting them look too flashy or contrasty) and I really like how Ryan did... in fact I'm excited to work together on more night photography, to turn lemons into lemonade, so to speak.

coat/ bag: vintage/ thrifted

boots: vintage/ebay

hat/scarf: gift from sister.


  1. I love the pics, I love the coat. I hate the cold season for being so dark and cold and against outfit posts :)

  2. These pictures turned out really well! I'm quite wanting to do some night time photography as well... luckily Barcelona has so much light pollution that is should be a breeze. ;P

  3. I know what you mean! Cute coat though!

  4. That coat is so gorgeous, for someone that never sees winter clothes I am enjoying seeing your outerwear! These photos have turned out beautifully for pictures taken in the dark, I hope I can figure out to do with my camera because I want to take photos of all the Christmas lights in our area!

  5. Winter definitely puts a damper on the whole outfit-planning thing for me. The cold makes me want to just throw on jeans and a sweater every day!

    The coat is lovely! Colorful coats really brighten up the drabness of winter.

  6. These photos turned out super cute! I still haven't figured out how to handle the gloomy winter darkness, photo-wise. Perhaps you'll inspire me to experiment :) Love that coat!


  7. seems so cold outside, love your outfit :)

  8. Wheee what an awesome coat! I wish it looked like that where I live - I am currently sitting in 35 degree heat. GROSSSSSSS.


  9. The color of the coat is gorgeous! <3 I love how you took those pictures at night, I can't stop staring at them because the quality is just sooo good!

  10. I love this! flash is always hard to work with but these look great

  11. I adore the color of that coat!

    <3 Melissa