Thursday, October 25, 2012

Salem, MA


Welcome to Salem! Unfortunately almost every museum had a no photos policy, and it was their most crowded day of the year, so we didn't really end up taking that many photos as we made our rounds, but rest assured that it was halloweeny, festive, and awesome. In my most recent post there are photos from the Witch House, an original 1600's surviving structure that was home to people involved in the Witch Trials.

We also visited some other historical sites and burial grounds. This cemetery is one of the oldest in the country, AND a location from the 90's classic Hocus Pocus. I was trying to look sombre in the photos for halloween but it was really hard trying to suppress a grin as I walked around the very cemetery one of my favorite childhood movies was shot in.






our attempt at looking like we were floating out of this grave didn't go so hot....but there was a huge line to take photos at this tree, so um, we'll take it!






Right before sunset we boarded an old ferry and took a 'haunted cruise' around the Salem Sound. We got to see beautiful fall foliage, about 5 lighthouses, and hear about local pirate and ghost stories from a very entertaining host. It was a bit chilly, but really fun and really beautiful. I loved being out on the water, and in contrast to New York, such clean water. The sunset was perfect.








Black Cat socks for Halloween:)





After the cruise, the sun was all the way down and night fell on Salem, which was magical because there were tour guides all over carrying candles, and carnival lights from a nearby fair. I didn't have time to drop in, because we still had another tour to take, but the ambience that spilled over was nice.

We found a local soup shop for dinner and Ryan had Lobster bisque, and I crab pumpkin soup. It was incredibly delicious. Then we made our way over to the House of Seven Gables, the actual house that Nathaniel Hawthorne based his novel on. I had no idea it was a real place until I was planning our trip, and I got super excited to visit and see inside. For Halloween they do night tours with visits from the spirits of the gables- so basically there is an actor in each room, mostly characters who die in the story, and they monologue for a while and see you into the next room.

It was so cool and such a fun way to see a book come to life! Some the of the rooms and actors were exactly how I pictured them, especially the little old lady who played Hephzibah. It was awesome! The whole house's interior felt straight out of the time period, and we even got to take secret passageways, and en entire secret staircase up to the attic during the tour! I was absolutely beside myself at how Nancy Drewish I felt. No photos were allowed though, but guys, it was so awesome. go- do it.


So concludes our trip to Salem. Magic.

My entire outfit is thrifted and vintage, except for the sunglasses which I've had since high school from a consignment shop, and the socks which I bought in Harajuku.


  1. LOVING your blog/outfit/photos/socks...everything! :) Following you, now!


  2. I love how your outfit looks like a dress. and I love the sights you're seeing!

  3. So very jealous of your thrifty finds over that side of the pond, London is just full of overpriced charity shops. great pictures and you look stunning and super cute, love you outfit


  4. those socks are so cuteeeee.. ahhhh what an adorable touch. i really love your floating out of the grave photo just because it is an outtake and you guys look so adorable in it. this seems like a really cool place - and i didn't know hocus pocus was actually shot there! and ghost tours like that are so much fun

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  5. I love Salem...I used to go there a lot growing up with my family :) I went there last year for Halloween and had a blast. Also, your outfit is adorable! I really love the socks :)

  6. These images are amazing. They look like they are stills from a movie. =)
    I want to visit Salem one day and seeing these photos makes me excited for it!
    Also love your outfit. It's perfect! =)

  7. Oh my gosh your cat socks are killing me...I love them. I have to buy any cat thing I see pretty much haha! You guys have great adventures. Salem sounds pretty fun. :)

  8. Gorgeous photos! It sounds like you had a magical time in Salem. :) The cats socks are pretty amazing.

  9. Oh I would love to visit there one day and Hocus Pocus! That was totally one of my favourite movies too - I may have to rewatch it since Halloween is coming up. Though I always used to resent that I shared my name with Winnie the witch hahaha. I so badly wish SJP's character was called Winnie instead!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! I adore the ones of you with the sunlight outlining your figure; they're so magical and you are so elegant. I love your outfit!
    Salem is so pretty and fun looking! Ah, I want to travel now.

  11. i remember hearing about the museum in Salem and the fact that it's pretty crumby and small, i guess if you avoid that and do the stuff you guys did then you can't go far wrong. great post and thumbs up on the whole thrifted outfit

  12. I adore your skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  13. You're outfit is SO cute!!! Plus I'm really jealous of your trip, it looks perfect for this time of year. Plus, Hocus Pocus. Can't go wrong! I owe you an email!!!

  14. This looks like such a fun trip! Such a pity about the crowds but I guess it adds up to the Halloween in Salem experience in a way... Love the socks detail :)

  15. Oh my goodness these pictures are so lovely! You have such a sweet blog btw! :)

  16. you are so adorable! i love the short hair!!!

    im now following and cannot wait to read more!


  17. Salem is a beautiful little city, I also love the Peabody Essex Museum there... it isn't very spooky, but photos are mostly allowed :)

  18. looks like such a fun trip. As always I love everyone of your photos!

  19. Oh man I want to visit Salem, MA so badly! I was just thinking about that place this year, actually. I'd imagine it'd be so fun to visit during the fall. I was hoping I'd be able to visit Hocus Pocus locations if I went and you've proved that to be true! So fun!

  20. i adored salem when i visited with family but we only spent a day. I remember the light being kind of magical in all our photos and your pictures capture it just so perfectly the way i remembered. I want to return, what a beautifully atmospheric time of year to visit too!
    great set of pictures and i want the cat socks..they have ears!

  21. I love Salem, MA and used to want to live there in hopes that it can be Halloween all the time. I've gone a few times during the Halloween season and it's always so much fun. Everything is so festive there! I love how New England-y it is and how much history is there. Looks like you had a great time! By the way...I love your socks and Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie ever. So awesome that you got to visit that graveyard!

  22. Wow your photography is absolutely stunning. STUNNING. I love the details and i love your outfits. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!

  23. Looks like such an excellent cruise and areas to stop at! These photos are so beautiful.