Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Realm




I've always loved how much aspens distinctly remind me of this mountain, and how familiar and welcoming they feel to me when I'm here. When I was young and we would play our imaginary games and pass through our 'magic' gate to become royalty, I was princess of the trees. I remember walking around, spending what I thought was quality time with my subjects- touching their trunks, gazing into their leaves and branches, sometimes willing a soft hello to be understood between us without speaking. We all wore crowns made out of wildflowers, but that was in the summertime, so I found some pretty red aspen leaves to adorn my hair this time around.




Being here during Autumn brings a whole new kind of magic I never got to experience as a child. The leaves I remember were a pretty deep green that turned bright when the sun shone through. Now a vibrant golden glow bathes the whole forest and filters the sunlight differently. My own Lothlorien.

When the wind blows, the small, thin, delicate leaves all flutter, twist, and turn in all directions. They seem to change colour with every movement, depending on if they are right side up or upside down - in light, or shadow. The fluttering from the canopy of leaves above sends the forest floor dancing with happy little shadows. I've always loved just laying down with my eyes closed- feeling the warm bright sunlight ebb and flow constantly over my face in the mountain breeze. I love how dynamic aspen trunks look no matter the season, with their bright whites and jet black markings. I've been meaning to paint more aspens. They're so beautiful.




Outfit: Dress and Shoes: Vintage/ Thrifted


  1. This is so pretty. The trees are a nice stage for your gorgeous self.

  2. Aw look at all of those gorgeous Aspen trees! Very pretty dress as well!

  3. I can't believe you managed to thrift this dress! It looks so lovely. Beautiful photos.


  4. So, so gorgeous! That dress fits you so perfectly, and the aspens are amazing. Aspens have always reminded me of elves.
    I LOVE this post.

  5. I love your dress, it is so perfect for Autumn.

    I cant believe you did the illustration for your blog! its so amazing...I just love everything about it, is so cute and quaint

    I have a little label Rouge Pony
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    I make headpieces and flower crowns
    I want you to do a drawing for me I can use... I love the idea of yours maybe a similar character with a feather headdress???? I would LOVE that, I can make you something from my shop in exchange. Let me know xxx
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  6. What gorgeous birch trees! I love how they look in this shot too. You blend in so well! Lovely outfit!

  7. This dress is so lovely, it suit you perfectly !

    See u !

  8. Newest follower here, and I'm obsessed! Cute, cute Dress! Amazing pictures, I love the yellow leafs-love! I just did an outfit post too--not as cute as yours though. Wonderful job!

  9. Ahhhhhhh (happy sigh)! I have found my kindred hair and fashion spirit. Nice to meet you :)


  10. i love the world realm. it's very transformational to me. i definitely feel like certain places i visit are like entering a different realm and a seemingly different person that i am - even though i am the same i feel like something has changed. and these trees are the same kind that pepper my grandma's yard :D that dress is a perfect fit on you and the perfect color - and the leaf in your hair is the perfect color. once i found little tiny leaves that color and made earrings from them (painting them with clear nail polish.)

    <3 katherine

  11. That dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'm a sucker for anything vintage and the print is just stunning! The woods just make the colors of the dress flow perfectly.
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  12. Stunning dress! I am in true dress envy. I love the background in the forest, also.

  13. Oohh my goodness, that dress is absolutely incredible!