Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hundred Acre Woods


I realised after wearing this shirt that this is my hundred acre wood. I grew up moving all over the place, and didn't always have a backyard to play in, or a consistent childhood home, but this was somewhere we always visited every summer and sometimes in autumn. It's a place filled with childhood memories, brimming with imaginative playing and discovery. While the plot of land might not add up exactly to one hundred, it's definitely plenty of acres for a kid to explore and still find new places and details every time.



My cousins and I had certain places we always wanted to visit and play in, like the willows out across the meadow with their maze network of tunnels underneath and between their thick boughs, and the tinkling and trickling little streams and snaked around the growths and gave life to everything around them. We would splash around in our wellies looking for tadpoles to catch and clearings to picnic in.

We also built a fort out of fallen trees and sticks and pretended it was our fortress, and that we were royalty of the forest and each in charge of a certain division- I was princess of the trees, my cousin was queen of the weather, and my sister was princess of the flowers. We could only enter into this existence through a certain entrance, which we deemed the gate to another realm. It was really just a big crack in a rock we could fit through like a gate.



Of course, we loved exploring too, and would always choose a day to set off in a direction we hadn't gone before. We found a little secret meadow this way, as well as a lava flow field full of cool alien looking rocks (Monroe Mountain, and the surrounding range are volcanic). Sometimes if we were lucky we'd come across a deer, elk, or wild turkey. I always wanted to catch a chipmunk for a pet, but my mom shut that one down quickly.



IMG_0253 IMG_0175



So here's to childhood, nostalgia, and boundless imagination. If there's one thing I learned in Japan, it's that there's no need to grow out of the best kinds of imagining.



  1. Your posts are quickly becoming my favorite! The colors are so lovely.
    While I grew up in only one spot, I can certainly relate to turning the outdoors into a pretend universe, since I spent every day doing just that.

  2. so nice, great pfotos, sweet socks:):):)

  3. Winnie-the-Pooh is such a wonderful, simple story. My little brothers and sisters went through a phase where they only wanted to watch Winnie-the-Pooh and so I've seen too many of the movies. :)Where do you get your great shirts? I must be too distracted by the skirts at the thrift stores to find them.

  4. You look so adorable! I can totally relate. Growing up, there was a small forest and field across the street and my brothers and I spent hours there, climbing trees and building forts and pretending to be explorers. Ah, nostalgia. :)


  5. I adore this outfit and post so much! The stories of you and your sister and cousin are so cute, and remind me of my own adventures with my cousins. We used to explore so much!
    And I love the yellow belt and yellow socks, and the Winnie-The-Pooh shirt, and the skirt. Ah, it's all so perfect!

  6. ohymgosh your socks have ears. i love it. and that skirt. i really want everything tweedy/wooly right now. i am wearing my felt shoes today and happy about the fact it's fall and these photos are so darn pretty. all the golden yellow - it's my favorite color right now :D

    and there are definitely things i miss about being a kid. the imaginative stories i could come up with. i always wanted to be a panda. i didn't have siblings my age, so i spent my childhood trying to grow up and going to college, but i had a crazy imagination and rememeber more of my dreams than sitting in the back of my sisters college classes.

    <3 katherine

  7. Beautiful images, such prettiness
    I adore your blog logo (illustration) did you do it? its very sweet xxx

  8. I'm head over heels in love with your outfit (especially the skirt) and you rock that pixie cut incredibly. You make me want to invest in fall colored socks to wear with all my shoes. :)

  9. This outfit is sooooo great !! I love it

    I love your haircut too, I can't wait to have my hair that short ^^

    See U !

  10. Love it!

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  11. Love the writing style, love the styling, love the setting, and most of all, love the socks. Well played :)


  12. I love this outfit, wish I could borrow right now! Glad to have found your blog so I can follow along <3

    Colour Me Classic

  13. awesome mustard accents!

  14. This is so pretty and I adore how you set everything up!!!! Gorgeous!