Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Well, it's September, and we've been incredibly busy with moving back to New York, starting my job and Ryan's school back up, and resettling into everything again. Shortly after unpacking and sorting, we traipsed over to Nazareth, PA to visit Ryan's aunt and uncle. I wanted to start off my photos back in the states with a bang, and this trip was perfect. The countryside is so gorgeous and refreshing after even just a week in Manhattan, and we were able to explore to our heart's content.

While researching nearby points of interest I stumbled upon the most interesting sounding place- Columcille Monolith Park. Back in the day a dude visited Ireland and was struck by the pagan stones. He came home and had dreams the stones in Pennsylvania were begging him to set them up and shape them spiritual formations. So he made this park, and extended an invitation for all lost spirits without a resting place to dwell here, with all the stones. It was such a cool place to visit- I had no idea there was anything like this in America.


After reading about the park my interest was piqued to a max and I was itching to get out there and explore this little world, and hopefully photograph it in a way that could communicate it's strangeness, peace, and subtle ominousness. I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted these photos to turn out, and the haunting stillness I wanted them to exude, but I had a hard time communicating to Ryan exactly what I had in my head and what I meant. We had to take a few before things were turning out more to my idealized ineffable imaginings, and poor Ryan had to put up with taking the 'same photo' about a dozen times. Bless him- I couldn't have lugged our huge tripod around the park by myself and gotten the same shots- especially since it was a park, and there were other people. Thanks Ryan!

















  1. These are such beautiful pictures! I love their strangene and eeriness. That sounds like a great place to get lost in!

  2. amazing photos! amazing place!

  3. Lovely photos! I love all your different poses :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. Awesome photos! I especially love the first one. Hope moving and settling in is still going well for you. :)


  5. well, i think i know where i am going this weekend. i don't have anything else to do and this place looks amazing. let's see if i am brace enough to actually go and set my tripod up :D i can't believe you are back - at first i thought this was japan and was surprised to see it was like an hour and 45 minutes from me! uhm yes! your photos are beautiful - i love the ones of you in the grass! they remind me of summer as a teenager and laying in my neighbors grass. and that dress is just too cute to be true. i love the neckline especially

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. what beautiful photos. I love your dress.

  7. I too thought these were from Japan! What a treat to see they are right here in the good ole US of A! The pictures are beautiful, love the piled stones and the story behind them. The grass pictures look like they are straight out of a story book, so pretty. Good luck getting back into the swing of things and welcome back!
    xo Hannah

  8. welcome back to nyc! we should meet up again some time this fall. the botanical gardens will have amazing foliage come fall. this park and your photos are incredible.

  9. These pictures are all so gorgeous and perfect! You look amazing in your beautiful dress too. Such a great place to take pictures.

  10. hi there =) i found your blog yesterday and i just love it so much! i'm japanese girl who live in London/uk with my husband *^^* i saw many many photo of you in japan, love it! were you living in Japan? did you have nice time there? i love and miss japan so much =) i love your photo and your style <3 i'm looking forward to see your future post!

  11. Hello!

    I borrowed one of your photos from an older post for a "August favourites roundup" over at my blog (of course I linked back to you). Hope that's okay for you?

    Just wanted to let you know :)

    You can see it here if you like:


    Happy Wednesday!

  12. you had so many great pictures in Japan, but these might actually be better. - Leah


  13. WOW! What an amazing place & such magical pictures....

  14. You're adorable and your photographs are so dreamy!

  15. Kathryn. these are amazing. really, really amazing. And the order you put them in! those last few! your eyes open! Great job K and R!

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  17. i know what it’s like when you’re out with someone and you have to try & communicate an idea that you have in mind for a photo because what they have in mind is never going to be the same as what i can see, and that’s if they care enough to have their own idea in the first place. nevertheless, these are beautiful! :)

    little henry lee