Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PA pt 1




So here she is- the liberty bell. It was pretty crowded, but kind of fun doing the touristy historical stuff.
This was the main event of the day, but before that we took a tour of the masonic temple around the corner. The design was pretty cool all around, and very interesting. however, my lens was way too cropped to get any good photos so i only have phone ones. sorry for the bad quality and grain


IMG_0919 copy

There are a bunch of meeting rooms within the building, and each one has a different decorative theme. The guide explained though, that there was no particular significance for the themes or the decorations, it was just to keep things interesting and impressive. He said there isn't anything religious about masonic meetings, it's just basically a club/ society thing. Ryan expressed some interest in becoming a mason after the tour, but I don't know if I can get behind something that doesn't allow or include women... seems a lil sexist to me.

IMG_0940 copy

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2655 copy

IMG_0913 copy

IMG_0947 copy

My favorite was the egyptian themed room. there were really cool details and color schemes all over the place.

sweater- vintage
top- h&m
shorts- vintage
shoes& tights- forever 21


  1. I love visiting Philly -the shops, the history, it's a great place to take in the sights. The architecture is beautiful too... Great shots! Love what you were wearing!


  2. That vintage letter cardigan is beautiful, as are all of the interesting themed rooms!

  3. Oh my goodness you are so cute! Love the outfit. I am also a Philadelphia enthusiast :)

  4. i just got home from philadelphia like an hour ago! the liberty bell looks awesome and all these places you went look amazing - i never have much time when i go because i have only gone for work, not pleasure, but i did get to run up the musuem of art stairs last night!

    i love your adorable sweater and shorts combo - i want this outfit!

  5. I'm loving these images. Makes me want to Philly again to catch places I missed last time! =)

  6. These photos are so cool!! You add such life to what I would consider a mundane thing! And thats so crazy about the different rooms being so ornate but not having any meaning....what a waste...

    Your sweater is sweet perfection <3 love your layers, too!

  7. Great pictures! You look so adorable too. I love your shorts and that cute cardigan paired with them.