Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm back!








Whew! sorry for the long absence, Ryan and I were vacationing in Philadelphia, and it was kind of a whirlwind, last minute trip so I didn't really have time to line up guest bloggers or anything like that. The first day we got there it was cold, overcast, and drizzly, so I was really glad I packed this coat I just got. It's a pretty lightweight, thin material, which makes it great for spring when it's chilly, but not freezing. I didn't pack any other cold weather clothing because weather.com told me it was going to be nice, warm, and sunny, so good thing I brought this coat along just in case! I also really like the mute olive colour, I feel like it'll go with everything, and green is always my favorite color for clothes. It's such a nice cozy coat for crappy weather!

We didn't do a whole lot our first day. We kind of just walked around and got our bearings. We tried to go to Independence Hall, but found out you have to reserve tickets in advance. I really liked walking around the old city though. There was so much cobblestone and so many old buildings (for america at least) with great brickwork and interesting architecture. Everything felt so much more quaint and charming than Manhattan, so that was a fun change of scenery.

Coat: Sugarlips
shorts: vintage
tights (over leggings): I think both are from forever 21?
shoes: forever 21

I'll be back with more exciting adventures tomorrow!


  1. The shorts/tights combo is totally cute!


  2. super cute look! I visited Philadelphia for the first time a couple of years ago to visit a friend studying law there. It's such a historical place and I love being a tourist. =)

  3. Such pretty pictures, especially with the trees starting to bloom! Are your shoes from F21 comfy? I am looking for a cute pair of printed oxfords for spring that won't break my bank, but I need to be able to walk around and bike to work in them!

    1. they are, although the sole is very flat and thin so after a whole day of walking my feet got pretty sore.

  4. I want to go to college in UPenn, so I'm completely in love with PA right now! Hope you had a great trip! I love you outfit too. The shoes are stunning. Also, I love the tights!


  5. Love the tights. And great scenery, sounds like you had a great time!