Wednesday, March 14, 2012






I feel like a circus character in this an edward gorey circus character, maybe.

also can my legs PLEASE stop being so long for every dress that I think looks like a dress, then I order it and it is practically a shirt?? guuhh. I have so many forced tunics that would be dresses on normal people that confine me to wearing leggings and pants underneath instead of tights for the sake of covering up enough. sometimes I feel like a barrel monkey and wish I could cut about four inches off of my legs and arms. GROSS!?! well, I did mention edward gorey...

dress: modcloth
leggings: h&m
boots: vintage
hai clip: made it


  1. This dress is adorable! I love the stripes and the pockets! I would love to have your too long legs problem too for the record! ;-)

  2. You think this dress is too short? Wow, I think it looks great. And the hair clip is super fun! :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  3. gorgeous dress!!

  4. I do not think it is your legs that are too long. I think you are buying dresses that are too short for modesty sake. I don't think anyone dressing modestly would be able to wear that dress without leggings...

    1. maybe I wan't clear enough- the situation isn't that I go shopping and buy short dresses, it's that sometimes I shop online, see a photo with the dress on a model, hitting about 2 inches above the knee, and then when I get it in the mail it hits me mid which point I already paid for it and decide to make it work as a tunic instead of a dress...that's all I meant to say.

  5. Hehe I see what you mean, it is a Gorey circus dress! :) And your legs are not too long, to hell with what anyone thinks! :) Zoë x

  6. G's are a serious love hate relationship for us all.

  7. the dresses are 2 damn short these days!! i run into the same problem.

  8. Haha. Circus dress or not is sure looks pretty on you. Embrace long legs! So many people would love to have em :]

  9. i'd LOVE to have your legs, girl! hehe. but i know what you mean (even though i don't have very long legs at all)

    i think you look awesome in this dress though! definitely not too short or anything. :)

  10. Bummer about the legs....I'll take them! j/k . I actually have the same problem...I have to wear tights, which here in TX, are about to go out the window unless I want to sweat all day. Came across your blog via CM. Take care!
    The Mrs. and The Momma

  11. beautiful dress <3


  12. What a cute dress! The collar on it is fantastic and I love the stripes.

  13. the dress is so fit with you, don't think about the legs.. i think you have ideal legs for women.
    Ganbatte kitsune-san, i'm wait for the next post ^^

  14. Absolutely adorable.