Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dresses for Sale!




Belt:forever 21
shoes: vintage/ thrifted

It's getting pretty frigid outside, and also pretty icky and rainy, so I have admittedly not taken a single photo all week. BUT I have this dress up for grabs and photos to prove it. I really like it and how it fits, but ho boy could I use a real coat, you know? BYE, superfluous closet items! (:() maybe next time, when I actually become employed and can buy food and pay our rent. UGH. I can't bring myself to actually sit in on the occupy wall street scene, but I sure can understand why they're upset. It's insane how much lavish opulence is flaunted around this city right next to people with nothing. crazy.



0 job prospects. what was the point.

This is what occupies and eats my brain in these (literally) dark days with no sunlight, no classes to attend, no job to get to, and thousands and thousands of dollars of debt hanging over our heads...and there's more but why get into that here? But really, if it could just NOT be pitch black already by 4:14pm that would be great. okthxbye.

I promise my next post will be a count my blessings one. it's just not one of those days and everything feels much more amplified than usual. you know?


  1. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! It really sucks... at least you can sit in the dark and know you look pretty though! Haha... that was my lame attempt at giving you some cheer... hope it worked, at least a little :)

    Cup of Tea

  2. such a perfect dress, I just adore the color xxx

  3. Love the dress on you. Great fit and a perfect length. Sad it has to leave you :(

  4. Agreed. College= waste of money. Did they scam us into thinking we would get jobs? Haha, I hope your luck improves lady!

  5. Yes, one of those days. I hear you. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling a bit better. It's such a tough job market. Hang in there lady.

  6. Your dress is so cute! I love the ruffles! You are adorable!

  7. Aww! I totally get you. I'm going to college right now, but it's difficult to remain motivated, knowing that most jobs require experience in order for you to be hired. How, might I ask, is one to obtain 5 years experience without first being hired? o.O look lovely in that pretty blue dress! And I really love your blog design a lot. The little fox makes me incredibly happy ^_^

  8. I think most of us coming out of college are feeling EXACTLY the same way. So it's nice to know we're all in the same boat, right? Even if that boat is more Titanic than Love Boat? Words of encouragement: That dress is super cute, you've got great style, and your blog is a fun read! Now don't let that annoying need for employment and money get you down!

  9. That is such a sweet dress. I wish it was my size along with the yellow skirt in your shop, I'd scoop them up in a sec.