Thursday, September 22, 2011

the neatest neighborhood

what I wore:






skirt/ blouse/ cardigan/ boots: all thrifted from DI.

socks: target

What we did:










First off, our neighborhood is probably the coolest neighborhood I've ever lived in. As I'm typing this I feel pangs of nostalgia for Baltimore's big, open, sweeping, green, wooded backyards, and fireflies at dusk and playing with all the kids on the street by the creek, and floods of memories surrounding the compound in Saudi Arabia, and it's different little nooks and crannies that were perfect for a nine year old self proclaimed naturalist to enjoy, flow in.....but I digress.....the nostalgia ripens these images and makes it hard to rule out these neighborhoods.
But being here, as an adult, having full autonomy to walk around and explore, is the coolest. It's a five minute walk to Riverside Park, which is huge and breath of fresh air. There is even a heavily wooded nature walk trail. Seven minutes in the other direction is morningside park which has really cool giant stone entrances that I'll need to use for pctures one of these days. Columbia University is undoubtedly a highlight for taking in amazing and impressive architecture, grand steps and fountains, and is juts one block from our apartment. Just a couple blocks away from us, across campus and down a little, is this Cathedral of St John he Divine. We've walked past it a lot, taken pictures, and ooo'd and aaaah'd, but we decided to actually go inside one day, and we're so glad we did! It's the biggest cathedral in the world, with a crazy impressive organ that has tons of pipes and a cavernous sound, and we were lucky enough to come in right before an organ recital. We got to sit right up in the front in the intricately carved wooden seats facing the organ. Since it was Sunday, and we were in a place of worship I felt weird or irreverent taking too many pictures, so the ones I did take were kind of guerrila'd and without a flash to remain incognito and unintrusive.


  1. I love looking round Cathedrals, I also love seeing all the similarities no matter what country you're in! I like your skirt and the cute socks peeping over your boots

  2. You look absolutely wonderful! Love the boots. And I'm glad to hear that you like your new neighborhood!

  3. omg! baby you look so cute!
    i love your blog!

    big kiss from poland!

  4. love the added detail of the socks, very sweet. xoxo

  5. I hate to admit this but the only time I ever go that far uptown is for Dinosaur BBQ. These photos are absolutely exquisite and perhaps I should take a trip up there. You're so lucky to live so close.
    Ps--your boots are incredible!

  6. These photos are so pretty! I love your skirt (POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!) and boots!

  7. Golly, what lovely pictures!

    Sidenote... I just bought those same socks a few days ago! It's been a little too warm over here in Chicago to wear them.. They are extremely cute with this outfit!

  8. I love that church so much! btw, they have some pretty cool programs around halloween that we should go to. also, I think you should go check out the cloisters. it's my favorite place in the city. I am sure you'd love it.

  9. DI? as in deseret industries? but they don't have DI in nyc ?!

  10. Wow, i love the stained glass windows! so gorgeous!

    Annah xx

  11. This outfit is amazing, you guys are the cutest. Love your red skirt with the lighter top.

  12. beautiful outfit and gorrrrgeous photos of the cathedral. i never do that tourist-in-your-own-city stuff; i'm starting to think maybe i should.

  13. Que bonita eres me encanta tu falda.
    Y tu fotografĂ­a es espeluznante,me gusta mucho. :) Un beso|

  14. So many great pictures! I really love your outfit too. You're rocking those boots!

  15. I love the name of the Cathedral and it is really beautiful. Your outfit is so super cute!!! I think it is one that should be worn often!!!