Tuesday, September 20, 2011

last days of summer weather

Well, Ryan's brother has been in town all week, which means:

better pictures for a while
lots of food all day.
a lot less blogging and a lot more 30 Rock.

So, on this day the weather was still nice enough for a day dress and we went out on the town with Kevin, first to The Smith for artisan burgers, and then to the Shake Shack for custard and shakes.




The Smith was pretty crowded and had a great atmosphere. the entrance was big and open to the street, which was fun and nice on a breezy night. The burgers were pretty crazy. I actually had a hard time getting my mouth around it for a bite, and the fries were awesome too. They served us sparkling water out of a blue glass bottle, and I tried it again after years and years to see if my tastes had changed or matured. Nope. I just don't really like it, okay? I lived in Europe, they have it everywhere, I get that it's classy and more desirable than normal water, and I still. don't like it. I also hate nutella. what's all THAT fuss about?



The Shake Shack is so fun at night with all the bulbs lit up, bathing the park in a nice pleasant glow. The line was long, but it's always long, and it was still worth it for the experience of sitting in the little cafe chairs under the lights and eating custard and milkshakes with people you like. We split a honey fig flavored frozen custard and a caramel malt.

and some phone pictures:




  1. Your dress is so pretty, and these photos are adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. This outfit really is adorable! Love the retro feel! LOVE the skirt. Just great styling!


  3. What a lovely time you had..I'm craving a burger and fries. I don't like plain bubbly water but I do enjoy a good spritzer like peach tea with seltzer or cranberry seltzer lemon. Your photos do look great and your dress is amazing!

  4. Oh cute photos!! It must've been cool to have a third to take yours and your husband's photo together:)

  5. those night pictures of the two of you are killing me!!!! I Love it

  6. haha I agree about the sparkling water and nutella. I DON'T GET IT.

  7. GORGEOUS photos! My favorite is under the string of lights. So romantic and dreamy!

  8. Lovely photos, you two look so cute together :)
    And I love the outfit- that skirt is perfection!
    Haha, I also don't like sparkling water but sometimes I drink it.


  9. U are so pretty couple!
    and U have amazing outfits! I love your dress!

    kisses from Poland!

  10. pretty pretty smiles,both of you,so sweet...:D
    love the atmosphere in these pics..

  11. Nice outfit!


  12. aw! you both look so lovely!
    loe your dress :)

  13. so pretty - you guys are absolutely adorable. i've never tried shake shack. . . i don't know if i can stomach standing in line for so long for a shake and burger, but everyone says it's worth it. . .

    and i hear you on the nutella - i really don't understand the hullabaloo. then again, i'm not a big chocolate fan, so. . .