Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iphone experimenting













(dress: vintage/etsy, blouse: thrifted)

I got a new app for my iphone that allows long exposures, which opens some fun doors. I don't have a tripod or monopod, and so for now I'm always propping the phone up against some object or wall (for this shoot it was on a chair), but when I can get the phone stationary and absorbing light for a longer amount of time I can shoot in much lower lighting conditions (with the normal iphone camera capabilities this scene lit by candles and christmas lights would be super grainy,) and I can do fun tricks like painting with light and simulating ghostly images.

I was in the mood for haunting, dreamy images so I snagged this app for just two bucks and suddenly my photography can be a lot more ethereal! it's so fun to play with and create interesting looks right in the shooting process without editing.

For those of you who are newer to my blog and might have not read this already, Ryan and I left the charger to our DLSR in Utah when we moved here to New York, so we've been without a real camera for about twoish months now, and at first I was really bummed at the lower quality of my phone photos, and found myself frequently jealous of all those bloggers out there with fantastically professional looking photography, big lenses and all ( my phone lens is about 1 cm wide). However, this two month period has really forced me to get creative with my 'iphoneography' and I've found out all sorts of stuff I didn't think my phone was capable of, and I'm becoming more aware of the crazy amount of possibilities available to me. This little phone is turning out to be the best most useful, and most fun present I have ever received. It's a toy camera, and an HD video shooter all in one! not to mention a phone and an ipod. I can't believe how lucky I am to have one- I never could have afforded it on my own. Thank you Ryan!

Currently I am shooting lots of tilt shifts, long exposures, and some stop action projects. stay tuned!


  1. Hello :) i'm doing my first fashion book, to send to some fashions schools, and I published in blog, some of the last shoots of this. I would really to know your opinion about it! :) thank you so much!

  2. Those images look awesome, it's time like these that I wish I had an iphone!

  3. These photos are so cool! And I love your beautiful lace dress!

  4. Wow fabulous, as if these were done on an iphone!

  5. These are so cool! All of your pictures look really good--I'm not sure I could do the same with my phone:)

  6. these are so ethereal and beautiful. a friend of mine has all of these interesting lenses that he attaches to his iPhone with magnets and his pictures are always so interesting.

  7. These are sooo cool! Really lovely! Which app is it? I love playing with my iphone camera :)

  8. These photos are fantastic, very inspirational! At the moment I only have instagram but I am going to see what other photo apps I can put on my phone :) xxx

  9. wonderful!
    you have a lovely blog!