Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Week Kickoff

Okay, so yeah, I live in New York, yeah it's fashion week, yeah I'm a fashion blogger....but we're also dirt poor law/ grad school students who don't have a cent that isn't loan money, and despite my best efforts I continue to be unemployed....So as much as I would have loved to attend the bloggers conferences, crash parties, and sit in on high style shows, there is absolutely zero budget for that right now.

So forgive my extremely lo-fi take on fashion week. it was night time, the lighting was bad, I didn't have my photographer, ahem, husband with me, and I could only go to so many crowded free events in one night.

regardless, it was still a fun night! my friend lizzie and I went to the artists and fleas event in williamsburg, braved the soho madhouse for marc jacobs balloons, were unexpectedly amused by all the crazy both impromptu and planned antics put on by businesses and patrons alike, attended a free memoryhouse show, and then ended up at rockafellar center for white rabbits. oh, and we happened upon a broken social scene show also. so all in all it was a pretty festive, crazy, tiring night.

here are some snapshots:


dancing to broken social scene, reminiscing about our high school days and that one song they were playing, and enjoying the manhattan skyline.

at the memory house show...we found the only bench in the joint, and noticed that it was a burgundy-ridden day for us. the bench, my tights, her jeans, iphone case, AND umbrella. crazy.

Marc Jacoobbss

here's how nut bawls crazy crowded it soho

red carpet entrance to rockafellar centre

free white rabbits show/ college friend, jendar

So fashionwise, THIS:

is my favourite thing I've seen so far. it was in the window at Saks on 5th ave. such a gorgeous coat! I'm always on the lookout out for the perfect unique overcoat, and I'm pretty picky. this one made me oohhh out loud.


  1. That all sounds amazing! Don't feel like you missed out at all. Remember that most of us only get to longingly look at the photos after the fact!

  2. Seems like you had fun! That coat is really gorgeous and you and your friend look beautiful :)

  3. I love your outfit and you're so pretty!! I've always had a thing for suspender things..but I don't think they look nice on me at all!!

    I'd love to go to Fashion Week...but tbh events like that really intimidate me >.<

  4. You always have the cutest outfits! And at least you still got to go to Fashion Week! I would have loved to go, but the crowds would have probably gotten to me too!

  5. damn. it looks like a zoo. I can barely stand a crowded bus. sounds like you and your friend had a good night though

  6. i love love love your dress/jumper/skirt situation - brilliant! Keep the fashion week posts coming!

  7. haircut haircut ? whatever you're doing, it's great.