Monday, July 25, 2011

an interview and revolving sushi

What I wore:





Top: H&M
Skirt: thrifted
socks: H&M
saddle shoes: forever 21

What we did:

I've been trying to look for a job this past week or so, with not too much luck. I applied online to 5 or 6 positions at Columbia since it's so close but I didn't even hear back about an interview for a single one, and I tried looking for nanny positions on craigslist, but I seem to always fall short on certain requirements. One ad for a nanny agency had a phone number to call, so I set up an interview for the afternoon, and Ryan and I ventured to Gramercy only to find that they only accept people with prior professional childcare experience, so I couldn't even be considered.

We got to use a subway station that actually looked nice inside:

Then we walked past a sign for revolving sushi so we decided to pop in for lunch:

Also, how in the WORLD do you people deal with your hair in this forsaken weather? No matter what I do, it always always ends up the same at the end of the day: a frizzy, flat, shapeless, unsightly mess.....scratch that. it happens after like an hour of being outside. It's so impossible to deal with! I always feel gross. I am seriously considering shaving my head at this point, I've hated my hair vehemently since we've moved here.


  1. That outfit is soo cute!

    Xo Chloe.

  2. Sushi ... mmmm... makes me hungry. I, too, feel disgusting when its hair + heat. I've been throwing my hair in an updo the past week from the ridiculously hot weather.

    Good luck on the job hunting! Hope something comes up soon.

  3. I love the mix of black and white pieces in this outfit! The peachy socks are also really cute with it. As for hair, well, when I'm in a humid climate, I just have to let my hair go natural (or, when it was long, I would French braid it). By natural, I mean I'll let it drip dry after I get out of the shower, barely even touching it, as I put on my makeup. Then I'll scrunch it just a bit with Pantene curl shaping gel, sorting pieces into place with my fingers. Basically I try to touch it as little as possible, and I don't use a brush.

  4. Job hunting is can seem like you're sending CVs out into a vacuum. But as they say, what's for you won't go by you, so something great will turn up before long :) Love your outfit.

  5. I reached you by jumping from keiko lynn's blog comment. Since your handle name was Japanese, I got curious :) you look beautiful! are you half Japanese? your clothes are unique as well.

  6. I've found that Moroccan Oil is the best thing for my hair :) It's kinda expensive but it lasts for ages and works on all hair types. I've had great results with it!

    Also love your top, I have one almost the same but it buttons down the middle :)

  7. Haha, humidity is so brutal on hair! The messy bun always works in a pinch and gets me through the summer.

    Love your vintage inspired look - the skirt is so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. despite you feeling icky about your doesn't look that way! at least in all your photos... :)

    i hope the job hunt goes better!!

    at least you look adorable..! love that top with those shoes.


  9. my hair is a big frizz ball..i feel your pain.
    i think my hair is ready for fall to come. :)
    i am sorry to hear about your troubles with finding a job.
    hope you finally find one. my fingers are crossed for you.
    you look beautiful..the collar on your shirt is perfect.

  10. Good luck finding a can be very difficult! I hear you about this weather+hair...I've let mine air dry every day this week and then I just throw it in a sloppy bun/ponytail combo. It doesn't look very nice, but what else is there to do? At least it's off my neck!

  11. Lovely! This outfit is so cute, I especially like the "great Gatsby" flats :)
    And that sushi looks so yummy!

  12. such a shame about the jobs :/ i hope you find something soon! Loveeee the outfit!

    Annah xx

  13. Good luck with finding a job! Your outfit is really nice and I love your hair, despite of the weather! (I usually pin it up though, and never leave the house without my umbrella haha)


  14. aww good luck on the job hunt. It feels like no one is hiring these days but hopefully that'll change..and soon! I recently went to a revolving sushi place with the bf a week or so ago. Those places are dangerous if you're super hungry I've never been one to say no to seemingly endless sushi!

  15. wear a hat! or just bring one with you, it will solve all your hair problems :) x

  16. My hair is always in an updo in the summer, but the humidity is also nice because it gives me curls great definition. Job searching is a beast, and I hated it. Good luck!

    North Meets South

  17. Mmm Shrimp Tempura and lots of sushi. Mmm!! I really love this skirt! it's so cute and the shoes are prefect with them.